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Hi there,

Welcome to my site where I want to invest in writing.

My name is Diyah Hayu Rahmitasari, better known as Hayu Hamemayu which is actually my pen name. I am the author of Circle Route, the co-author of Siklus Cinta and Jendela-jendela Aba (Laki-laki dalam Kereta short story) and the alpha female of the Unsettled Family. My work has appeared in The Jakarta Post, Media IndonesiaKompas, Majalah Kartini, Medium, The Newbie Guide to Sweden, and Indonesia Travel Magazine among others.

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Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 3)

The famous hiking trail

Abisko with kids

Our third day in Abisko was started late because we arrived from the Aurora chasing at around 10 pm the night before and everyone was feeling excited yet cold and tired, especially the youngest one. So we slowed down a bit and didn’t go out until after lunch. That day, it was still sunny and cold like the day before so we’re thinking of doing more indoor activities. We checked the surrounding areas and came up with some ideas that could work for the adults and the kids such as visiting Abisko Naturum and the Sami museum. To be able to do that, we need to go to the STF Abisko Turiststation first, which is located around 2 kms from Abisko Guesthouse. It’s actually walking distance but Klas was really kind he drove us there and even suggested us to go to the canyon (which we didn’t look up before) and this was the highlight of the day.

Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 2)

As I said in my previous post, our train from Stockholm arrived in Abisko Östra at around 10 am and we were welcomed by heavy snow showers. But we didn’t mind. Skåne, where we come from, barely has winter this year. The temperature that rarely dropped below zero made the snow didn’t last long in the area. In fact, if we use the definition of winter from SMHI, the period when the daily mean temperature is permanently 0.0 ° C or lower, then basically we just went from wet autumn to wet spring 😀

But enough about the weather, let’s talk about Abisko 🙂

Day 1 in Abisko

Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 1)

When I was a little kid, I read a book about Aurora Borealis in my father’s school library. Since then, I had this dream to see it with my own eyes. I was quite obsessed with this natural phenomenon I once thought to name my daughter “Aurora” 😆. However, being born and raised in a tropical country, far from any hot spot to see aurora, that dream was quickly forgotten. But then, I moved to Sweden.

Let the trip to the Arctic Circle begins..

Basic Everyday Info for Recently Moved Newbie*

Lately, I’ve been receiving questions from some people who are going to move to Sweden, either for work or study in my website and Instagram. And some of the questions are actually really simple, about everyday info, which I didn’t consider important before. At least I used to take it for granted.

But I think that was just because I’m lucky. My husband moved to Sweden eight months earlier than I did so he’s kind of paves the path for me. But not all people have the same experience. So here I compile the basic information of everyday life in Sweden for recently moved newbie.

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Copenhagen is always a good idea


For the winter break 2019, we initially didn’t plan to go anywhere. The period between October to December was quite a hectic moment for us because Zaki had so many things on his plate: journals, book chapter, manuscript, seminar, conference to name a few. As a result, the daily loads that we usually share were suddenly on me and myself, there was no time (and energy!) to plan for any kind of trip. But then prior to his third-phase PhD Seminar which was scheduled on December 19, right after he submitted his manuscript to the reviewers, he said: “Can you find a good deal to go somewhere? Just a day or two. Not too far and most definitely not too expensive. I think we’re all deserve a short escape.”

The answer was of course “no” 😄

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On K’s birthday

Last month in 2019, Baby K turned 1 year old. It feels cruel, sometimes, how a year can passed you by in the blink of an eye. She was just this tiny red blueish baby not so long ago. Now she’s not a baby anymore, she’s officially a toddler.

She already has four teeth. She’s very messy independent when it comes to eating, but clingy when it comes to socialising :D. She’s a strong willed little girl. She drives me crazy with her unlimited energy that keeps her awake till late. Every. Single. Night. And yet, she makes me laugh with her funny behaviours, and warms my heart whenever she hugs me tight.

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Third Year Reflection*

As the year-end is approaching, I would like to use this blog post as a medium of reflection. A look back to where it all started three years ago. This month in 2016, I moved to Sweden from my home country. Time has passed by and many things have happened ever since, including having an additional member in the family. So it just feels right to see how it was and how it has been as a newbie living in Sweden.

And here are some random facts about Sweden that I learnt during my first three years of living in the country:

Sweden is a good place to raise kid

From free education to nearly free healthcare, Sweden is one of a few places I can think of when it comes to a “family friendly” country. Yes, the system is bit frustrating sometimes and requires lots of things to do—filling out forms, queuing, making calls to name a few. But once you got in, the safety net is always there.

Sweden also seems to care about and is willing to take part in children development. One tiny example is when my baby turned 6 months old, she received a free choice book from Lund’s state library. From what I understand, it’s a part of the program to encourage reading and literacy (such important skills for kids to have indeed).

Apart from those, generous parental leave, celebrated equality and recognition of universal values are the things that Sweden offers. And those are the list I would love to tick as a parent. Anyway, read more about the rights as parents in Sweden here.

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