Below are the list of my selected publications:


  • Circle Route



Short Story Compilation

  • Siklus Cinta

  • Jendela-jendela Aba


The Newbie Guide to Sweden

The Newbie Guide

The Jakarta Post



Media Indonesia


Majalah Kartini


  • Usai Kopi Ketiga Puluh (short story)


  • Salju Turun Sedikit Terlambat (short story)

  • Klub LDR (series)




International Journal of Indonesian Studies

Jurnal Interact

  • Objectification of The Marginal in Political Ads during Indonesian Presidential Election Campaign 2014

Indonesia Travel Magazine

  • Do These 5 Fun Things When You Lost in Kansai, Japan

  • The Enchanting Dieng

  • Street Adventure in Penang



A dreamer who simply loves to write and capture memories..

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