Year End Note

The end of 2017 is almost here. Time surely flies before we even realize. The day when I left Indonesia for Sweden still feels like yesterday. But in fact, I’m going to witness my second new year in Sweden, in the next few hours. The 2017 itself is really something for me as this is the year of a new beginning and also a year of paradox because there were unfulfilled dreams at one side, and dreams come true moments at the other side. Just like you, and other people in this world, I had quite random stories in 2017. Not all the stories had happy endings. But there were more stories to be grateful for. And I thank God, the most gracious and most merciful, for that. Anyway, here is the recap for the year:


Trying to embrace the ways of living in Sweden. Adaptation was the key word during this month. We experienced the first snow in Lund. And Hayya started her new school.


Zaki bought me a new phone. Went to Lomma beach on winter. Made cilok 😁


Realized that Hayya was into writing as well so we started a collaborative writing project call Kid’s Stories Project. Shared my life as a writer to the students at Lund International School. Visited other cities in Skåne: Helsingborg and Landskrona.


My short story got published in Indonesian magazine: Majalah Kartini. Experiencing sista April and Walpurgis Night! Hayya learned how to bike (again). Went to Karlstad.


Watched the concert to welcome spring by Lunds Universitet male choir. Watched a kid’s show, live, in Swedish, for the first time. Visited the capital city: Stockholm. Explored the most southern and south eastern Swedish cities: Simrishamn, Ystad, Trelleborg. Enjoyed the view of canola field. Had my first Ramadan in Sweden which means had around 20 hours fasting during the holy month for the very first time. 😅


My first midsommar in Sweden. Hayya joined a race and got her finisher medal. First Eid celebration in Lund.


Moved to an apartment in Lund centre. Had an everyday view of Lunds Domkyrka. Enjoyed quite summer in Lund. Zaki and Hayya had their birthdays. Zaki left for Milan. I turned 31.


Checked some of my bucket list: Visited San Siro, Venice, Eiffel Tower, and Universitets van Amsterdam!


Visited home. Family and friends reunion.


My very first short story in English got published in The Jakarta Post. Got my first grey hair! Oh my God, I’m old! Haha. But as a quote in Haga says: “We are not old, We are recycled teenagers!” 😄. My picture got featured by Visit Lund and another picture won the best picture of the week by HallåLund.


Hayya had her first intercity football match and she scored a goal. Yay! Started to work as a blogger for a Swedish website based in Stockholm.


Organized Indonesian corner for winter fair in Lund International School. My short story was published in Media Indonesia. Visited Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. Moved to Stångby, around 5kms from Lund centre. Starting another beginning in the outskirt of Lund.

Just like years before, I don’t have a concrete resolution for 2018, haha, other than I wan’t to be a better version of myself each day and write better stories of my life. At last, I wish you all a happy new year and a happy new you. Tusen tack!


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