The Season of Joy

In addition to blessing and forgiveness, scholars believe that Eid al-Fitr is also about joy. Joy for anyone, especially Muslim, to gather and laugh together. No wonder in this special day, people dress beautifully, eat tasty foods and go to special places. And no one should be left behind. Everyone should tastes the joy. That’s why giving zakat al-fitr or feeding the poor is also part of the celebration. So that all people, the rich and the less fortunate can be happy and joyful in that particular day.

While in Indonesia (or any other Muslim majority countries) Eid is about family, reunion and traveling together, Eid in non-Muslim countries is identical with festival. At least that’s what I feel when celebrating Eid in Australia and Sweden. In Perth, for example, the festival takes place right after the Eid prayer. People usually have the Eid prayer in Kings Park (the biggest park in Perth) then celebrate the rest of the day there. Kid’s playground, food festival, music performance and even traveling farm are parts of the celebration.

In Sweden, especially where I live in Skåne province, the festival is held around a week after the D-day. This year, the festival took place on the first day of July. There were food bazaar, games and of course stage performance in the festival. It was indeed different from Eid celebration back home. But at least, we still have the same joy everyone deserves on Eid. And here are the snapshots from the day.

Eid Mubarak för alla från Sverige 🙂



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