First Decade of Forever

Thursday (7/3) was me and Zaki’s 10th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe myself it’s been a decade.

Zaki and I met in 2006. We instantly connected and developed feeling for each other. It wasn’t long for us to decide that we want to be together, which is kinda weird because theoretically speaking, we’re two strong willed people who supposedly can’t get along well. Ha! We have irreconcilable differences that are quite contrast from each other. My easy going nature, for instance, will not match his Mr Planner personality.

But here we are. Together for almost 13 years. Married for 10 years (and counting!)

Anyway, I was bit uncertain about this year’s anniversary gift. I mean after several years, your idea of gift is likely to turn from romantic to functional 😀 . But, this is our first decade. I want something different. I want something personal. Something that will be saved in our memory bank for years. 

Then, there was a pop up ad on Facebook about LoveBookOnline.

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Love’s Most Frequent Question | Yang Sering Kita Tanyakan, tentang Cinta

We often ask ourself what love really is. A definite question for which everyone comes up with different answer.

They say it’s a commitment.

They believe it’s a trust.

They claim it’s a friendship.

They define it as an acceptance.

For Zaki and me, love is THIS.

Whatever we have and share in the last 12 years. The thing that binds us together no matter what we’ve been through. Love is the way he makes me laugh the loudest and cry the saddest, and vice versa. Love is whenever we argue, we fight, and we hate each other, just to finally realise that we’re only two stubborn persons who can’t live, normally, without one another.

For us, love is about finding all the possible definitions, together.

Happy wedding anniversary, Zaki! Cheers to the answers we’ve defined and a lot more we are yet to find!

Lund, March 7, 2018

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Zaki and I had a bedtime talk the other day, about me who had just changed my current crush from Alexander Skarsgård to Thomas Beaudoin. He found it’s bit strange because I change my crush like a girl changes her dress (yeah, just like that Katy Perry’s song 😆). Very quickly.

Unlike him who’s “committed” to Jennifer Aniston since F.R.I.E.N.D.S was still the biggest show on TV (I know. It’s so last year, right? Told Zaki already!). None of my crushes stayed for more than a month. I’m too easy to fall for someone indeed. I watch a movie for once and I can instantly crazy over one of the characters. It’s been like that since forever. I once obsessed with Jude Law, Matthew Goode, Hugh Grant, Hugh Jackman, Josh Hutcherson, Miles Teller, Armie Hammer, Shah Rukh Khan, Chris Pratt, Alexander Skarsgård and the list went on. Currently, I’m smitten by a Canadian actor: Thomas Beaudoin which I first noticed from a cheesy romantic comedy on Netflix 😅. But I’m 100% sure it won’t last long. Give me few weeks and I will easily move to another crush. Haha. That’s just how it is. Easy come, easy go.

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When Ms Random meets Mr Planner

Saat-saat ketika merencanakan perjalanan adalah saat-saat di mana saya semakin menyadari betapa sesungguhnya saya dan suami adalah pribadi yang sangat bertolak belakang. Saya adalah manusia random. Happy go lucky person yang percaya bahwa semesta telah diatur sedemikian rupa. Cenderung mengalir saja tanpa perencanaan. Sementara suami adalah Mr Planner sejati. Sangat perhatian pada detail dan memiliki manajemen resiko yang terlalu tinggi. Hampir semua hal dalam hidupnya melalui perencanaan matang. Satu-satunya hal spontan yang pernah dia lakukan (yang masih dia ingat) adalah menjadikan saya sebagai pacarnya meski baru beberapa minggu kenal. Haha. Dan ini yang biasanya menjadi kartu AS saya untuk mengingatkan bahwa beberapa hal baik justru dimulai dari sebuah kesertamertaan (ahem!).

Tentu saja sebagai pasangan kami juga saling memengaruhi. Saya tak lagi anti rencana. Sementara dia mulai bisa menerima fakta bahwa tidak semua hal bisa ia kendalikan. Tapi tetap saja, yang namanya karakter dasar tidak bisa 100% diubah. Saya masih kerap ceroboh dan masa bodoh. Suami masih suka khawatir berlebih dan uring-uringan. Dan karakter dasar itu semakin menguat justru ketika kami dihadapkan pada satu hal yang sama-sama kami sukai: traveling!

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Cemprut: Life Must ‘Craft On!’*

‘Craft On!’ That’s the closing line used by Cemprut, an indie craft label, which is owned by Sri Rahadiyanti Aphrodita (Dita) and Agung Nuzul Wibowo (Agung). This line also represents the spirit of the young couple, to keep crafting and creating something, no matter what.

It was in early 1990’s when Dita started her hobby as a crafter. She was still in the elementary school when she first made pencil topper. She crafts anything and everything ever since. From personalized pins to photo frames, from jeans bags to cute plushy dolls.

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Pasangan dan Bahasanya Masing-masing

“Kamu, beneran kangen suamimu atau cuma gegayaan aja sih?” tanya seorang kawan pada suatu hari.

Saya menatapnya dengan tatapan heran sebelum menjawab: “Ya kangen beneran lah, masak enggak?”.

“Ya, soalnya kalau sedang bersama pun kalian lebih sering berantem kan?” tambahnya sambil tertawa geli.

Saya pun ikut tertawa.

Kawan saya itu benar. Saya dan pasangan saya memang sering sekali bertengkar. Memperdebatkan hal-hal sepele. Meributkan hal-hal yang mungkin tidak perlu dibahas.

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You, yes You!

Some people said we live a perfect love.
We met, and we just knew that we’re right for reach other.

Maybe it’s true.
Or maybe it isn’t.

Our love story is not just a fate.
It’s not something we simply take for granted.
We work on it every single day.

Life isn’t some romantic comedy movies.
Our love has its fights, its tears, its miseries.

Sometimes we even hurt each other.
So bad until we thought that life before us was so much easier.

But now, after being husband-less for the last five months, I realize that we’re better, we’re stronger, we’re happier, when we are together.

Happy birthday, sweetheart!
Maybe life was easier when I was just by myself.
But I don’t want an easy life.
I want YOU!

July 17, 2016