First Decade of Forever

Thursday (7/3) was me and Zaki’s 10th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe myself it’s been a decade.

Zaki and I met in 2006. We instantly connected and developed feeling for each other. It wasn’t long for us to decide that we want to be together, which is kinda weird because theoretically speaking, we’re two strong willed people who supposedly can’t get along well. Ha! We have irreconcilable differences that are quite contrast from each other. My easy going nature, for instance, will not match his Mr Planner personality.

But here we are. Together for almost 13 years. Married for 10 years (and counting!)

Anyway, I was bit uncertain about this year’s anniversary gift. I mean after several years, your idea of gift is likely to turn from romantic to functional 😀 . But, this is our first decade. I want something different. I want something personal. Something that will be saved in our memory bank for years. 

Then, there was a pop up ad on Facebook about LoveBookOnline.

It’s a personalised book that we can create by ourselves using provided templates. It looks fun and unique. So I looked up the website, read the reviews, did a little online research to make sure it wasn’t a scam and finally created an account. And after several days of customising the content, I came up with this:


And of course, I still wrote a little “poem” just to keep the tradition alive 😀

I remember the moment when I first saw you.

That day when you were someone I didn’t know who.

There was nothing.

For me you were just a name came in passing.

We met again years after that.

When we first shook hand and had a proper chat.

There was something.

Your presence became the thing I had been missing.

Vi klickade.

Love brought us closer day by day.

Since then, our story is not always smile and rainbow.

We had our fight, anger and sorrow.

You are not perfect.

And neither am I.

Men, vi är ämnade för varandra.

Happy 10th wedding anniversary, husband.

Here’s to the first decade of forever.



Lund, March 7, 2019

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