On K’s birthday

Last month in 2019, Baby K turned 1 year old. It feels cruel, sometimes, how a year can passed you by in the blink of an eye. She was just this tiny red blueish baby not so long ago. Now she’s not a baby anymore, she’s officially a toddler.

She already has four teeth. She’s very messy independent when it comes to eating, but clingy when it comes to socialising :D. She’s a strong willed little girl. She drives me crazy with her unlimited energy that keeps her awake till late. Every. Single. Night. And yet, she makes me laugh with her funny behaviours, and warms my heart whenever she hugs me tight.

My husband and I do not have a tradition of celebrating birthday. But on my family side, we like to at least make the day feel more special by cooking something or going somewhere special. So on K’s birthday I made a set of Nasi Kuning for the family and some friends and sugar free banana muffins for the birthday girl. It was just a way to express gratitude and to share joy to some friends who have been really helpful to me and K in the past year.


As for the presents, I bought K a Fox shaped toy box from Afound, and books from Wonderbly. I love the idea of personalised book ever since I ordered one for me and Zaki on our 10th anniversary last year (read more about it here). I think it’s a good present for K as she’s quite into books and it’s something she can keep for quite a long time.

The day was spent like usual though, the big sister went to school, the father went to office and I was busy with the cooking and the baby at home. In the evening we enjoyed the meal, let K opened her presents then took some family pictures together, which was really hard because the 1 year old didn’t want to sit still 😀

Anyway, it was a milestone for K, and for us too as a family of four. We’re so grateful for K’s new age and for the fact that she has been growing up healthily and happily. Here’s to more birthdays to come K, fill with love and pure happiness, like what’s inscribed in your name. We heart you!




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