2020 in Review

It’s not easy to sum up 2020 in one post. The year of 2020 was quite something for every single person in this world. It was the time when everything was put in pause and everyone lived in uncertainty. It was the year of resilience, of forgiving, of making peace with the prolonged, unbearable situation.

January 2020

Like most people, my family and I started the year with a certain level of optimism. For me, especially, it was the year when I started working as a tutor in Medborgarskolan. Although it’s not a full time job, it was my very first paid position in Sweden so it’s quite special for me. In January also, we went to Copenhagen for a staycation, and visited Copenhagen zoo which was really a highlight for the kids. We even tried the yummy Barbacoa in La Neta (more complete story about this can be found here.)

Then, the news about Covid-19 reached Sweden.

We started to worry about it but not too much as there was only one case in Sweden that time and it was quickly controlled with a self quarantine. We, therefore, still traveled to Stockholm and later Abisko in mid February. This was the best trip of the year as we were having once in a lifetime experiences there (by the way, I wrote our journey in Arctic Circle in these series).

February 2020

When we went back from Abisko, there was a resurgence of Covid-19 cases in Europe, including Sweden, so new recommendations were put in place and we got more familiar with the 2020 “catchphrases” such as “social distancing”, “zoom meeting”, “keep the distance” and so on. It was around the same time when we found out that my husband, following his visit to Emergency Room at the end of January, has a genetic condition in his stomach, which makes him prone to GERD symptoms. This condition was another thing we needed to deal with throughout the year.

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2 responses to “2020 in Review”

  1. waw waw.. antara berita kurang asyik dan berita asyik bercampur jadi satu.. semoga di 2021 makin asyik dan seru serta sehat selalu!

    1. Aamiin, aamiin, mksh Zam, buatmu juga yaaa 🥳

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