Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 1)

When I was a little kid, I read a book about Aurora Borealis in my father’s school library. Since then, I had this dream to see it with my own eyes. I was quite obsessed with this natural phenomenon I once thought to name my daughter “Aurora” 😆. However, being born and raised in a tropical country, far from any hot spot to see aurora, that dream was quickly forgotten. But then, I moved to Sweden.

Let the trip to the Arctic Circle begins..

Published by

Hayu Hamemayu

A dreamer who simply loves to write and capture memories..

2 thoughts on “Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 1)

  1. […] We started to worry about it but not too much as there was only one case in Sweden that time and it was quickly controlled with a self quarantine. We, therefore, still traveled to Stockholm and later Abisko on mid February. This was the best trip of the year as we were having once in a lifetime experiences there (by the way, I wrote our journey in Arctic Circle in these series). […]

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