Little Asia in Lund*

*originally published for The Newbie Guide to Sweden on May 27, 2020

What do you miss the most when you’re living far from home? For me, it’s 3Fs: Families, Friends and Food!

Coming from a country known for its distinctive and rich-in-flavour foods, there are times when I crave for a little taste of home in Sweden. Lucky for me, there are some Asian speciality shops and restaurants in Lund where I can find remedy whenever homesickness strikes.

Of course it’s not apple to apple if we compare them with the shops and restaurants back home, in terms of stock and variety. But it’s still good to have them here. Especially now, when travelling overseas is not recommended and visiting your family back home is not a reasonable option.

These places can help you bring a bit of taste of Asia to your kitchen:

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3 responses to “Little Asia in Lund*”

  1. ah, untungnya masih ada toko asia yang sedikit bisa memenuhi kebutuhan kangen akan menu Asia, khususnya Indonesia, yak 😆

    1. Hayu Hamemayu

      Ga selengkap di Berlin tapiiiiii 😀

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