Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 3)

The famous hiking trail

Abisko with kids

Our third day in Abisko was started late because we arrived from the Aurora chasing at around 10 pm the night before and everyone was feeling excited yet cold and tired, especially the youngest one. So we slowed down a bit and didn’t go out until after lunch. That day, it was still sunny and cold like the day before so we’re thinking of doing more indoor activities. We checked the surrounding areas and came up with some ideas that could work for the adults and the kids such as visiting Abisko Naturum and the Sami museum. To be able to do that, we need to go to the STF Abisko Turiststation first, which is located around 2 kms from Abisko Guesthouse. It’s actually walking distance but Klas was really kind he drove us there and even suggested us to go to the canyon (which we didn’t look up before) and this was the highlight of the day.

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7 responses to “Chasing Aurora in Abisko (Part 3)”

  1. Dirimu pake jasa tour guide, mbak? Or group tour? *Sorry, I didn’t really get who Klas is…. haha

    1. Klas itu owner penginapan yg kutinggali, hehe. Jadi di Abisko itu ada paket2 tour gt, klo ikut tour ya otomatis dpt tour guide. Kami ikut salah satu tour yg ditawarkan oleh tempatku nginep, group tour ber13 orang. Tournya macem2 sih, bisa dilihat di web Abisko Guesthouse. Ada link-nya di part 1 dan 2 😊

      1. Hehe..aku penasaran aja krn guide-ku dr group tour (termasuk agen perjalanan). Bukan dr penginapan. Kalo pesen dr Abisko Guesthouse-nya langsung sungguh mahal tak terkira 😭

      2. Ohhhh, kami jg cm ikut satu tour yg paling murah kok, hahahaha, cuma pas beruntung bgt dpt sledge ketutup, dpt aurora, dpt moose spotting, all in one. Sama agen perjalanan itu berarti termasuk transport gt?

      3. Iya..naik bus dari Stockholm kurleb 20 jam. Programnya Kiruna city tour, ke Ice Hotel, reindeer farm punya orang Sami. Utk extra activities aku gak ikut krn 1) bayar lagi, 2) emg ke situ niatnya liat aurora doang 🤣

      4. Wow ke Ice Hotel, mahal bgt kan itu masuknya, kami ga mampu 😅

      5. Tentu krn paket rombongan, buat kita sih murah. Kompensasinya ya itu…pantat kotak-kotak krn naik bus 20 jam. haha

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