Oslo at a Glance: Things You Might Want to Know about Oslo

Last Tuesday, we went to Oslo and spent two nights in the capital city of Norway. The idea was to have a workcation: half work, half vacation, as both me and Zaki had deadlines approaching really soon that time. We’d never been to Oslo before and we heard that the city is worth a visit. It’s compact, beautiful and has plenty to offer. So after considering this and that, we decided to pick Oslo as our Easter break destination.

We went there by SJ train from Lund central station at 8.22 in the morning. Traveling by train is always my favourite since it gives me time to relax and to work along the way. Haha. Also, it creates less hassle as we don’t need to do check in, immigration clearance, and so on. The journey took around 8 hours with a short transit in Katrineholm. It was almost 5 pm when we arrived at Oslo Sentralstasjon.


Where to stay in Oslo?

Oslo has many accommodation types to choose. For you who prefer apartment or AirB&B, I heard from a friend that the apartments in Oslo are really nice though the location might be outside the city centre. But, since the public transport in Oslo is really good, there’s no need to worry about getting to and around Oslo city. You can purchase the tickets in the Ruter# office in Oslo Sentralstasjon, kiosk, in their app, and even in the bus/ferry. If you decide to stay in Oslo for more than three days, I recommend you to buy the Oslo Pass which gives you lots of offer including free transport and free admission to several museums.



For us, as we only stayed for two nights, we chose to stay in Scandic Oslo City. We had a good experience staying in Scandic chain hotel when we travelled to Karlstad last year so the hotels under Scandic management are always our priority. Besides, as a member of Scandic Friends, I often receive good offers so depending on the time we travel, the price could be really reasonable.

And again, I’m really happy with our stay in Scandic Oslo City. The location is prime! Next to the train station, close to shopping areas and restaurants and only stroll away from Oslo’s landmarks such as Oslo Domkirke, Oslo Tigeren, Oslo Parliament House, etc. The breakfast is very delicious as always. There are many options from continental breakfast to pickled herrings 😀 . There are gluten free choices as well so it’s really a good service.

Staying in a hotel with breakfast included has become my preference lately. I just don’t want to rush in the morning with an empty stomach. Haha. And since I travel with little kid, I think it’s better for her to be fully loaded before exploring the city 😀


Where to go in Oslo?

Don’t worry about where to go in Oslo. In fact, Oslo has so many tourist attractions you can easily choose depending on your preference and budget. Most of them are costly but there are places with free activities you can go too. Some museums even have free admission every Thursday so you can still enjoy the city without worrying to much about your wallet 😀 .

We only stayed for two nights in Oslo so we didn’t have much time to explore. But, we managed to go to some highlights in Oslo such as:

1. The Viking Ship Museum

Though it’s actually just a small museum but the collection is really something: three Viking ships in their original sizes and shapes. There’s also a screening depicting a history about one of the ships which is quite entertaining.


2. Vigelandsparken

I personally feel that Oslo is kind of obsessed with statue :D. There are statues everywhere you go in the city. But this one is the most visited statue park in Oslo. The entrance to the park is free but if you want to visit the museum of Gustav Vigeland’s works, there’s 80 NOK admission for 1 adult.


3. Around city centre including Oslo Domkirke, Oslo Tigeren, The Royal Palace, The Parliament House, and University of Oslo.


4. The National Gallery

We went to National Gallery for one ultimate reason: to see the most famous Munch’s painting: The Scream! But in addition to this special collection, the National Gallery in Oslo is the home for special artworks from Antiquity era to Modernism, so it’s highly recommended for museum lover!



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Is Oslo expensive?

YES! Hahaha. It’s just slightly more expensive than Stockholm but it’s almost double the price in Lund so it’s pretty shocking for Lundensian like us 😀 . For example, a regular meal cost you around 150 NOK at least. The cheaper options are to go to kebab restaurants or buy breads in convenient stores. But, as Indonesian, we couldn’t resist the temptation of a concept Asian noodle place called Tunco. We didn’t regret our decision though as the foods were really good and the place was super cozy.


Is there any border check?

As far as I know, NOPE! Especially when you travel by train or bus like us. But of course, it’s always a good idea to bring your ID or Passport when traveling. I mean, it’s unquestionable 🙂 .

We indeed went home by bus as I wanted to compare Nettbuss and Flixbus which we used when we travel to Gothenburg. For the price, Flixbus is unbeatable. But for service and convenience, I would go with Nettbuss.


With such a “blur” border, how do you know that you’re already in Norway?

Well, there will be an announcement once you’ve arrived. But even if you missed it, when the letter “Ö” is replaced with “Ø” and Pressbyrån, the Swedish chain convenience store is replaced with “Narvesen”, you know you’re already in Norway 😀

Did the workcation thing work?

Yes for me. No for Zaki. Haha. I think it’s somehow easier for me to work and to travel at the same time because woman is a multitasking person by nature. It wasn’t that easy though. I got to sleep later and woke up earlier to work on my things while making sure that the travel plans go well accordingly. And I couldn’t finish all my works either. I still have one more deadline in my plate right now. While Zaki will need to catch up a lot despite his post-travel sickness. But at least, we’re all happy and had a really good time.

Bye for now, Oslo.

The Unsettled Family in Oslo

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