What’s On Lund?*

Despite its petite size, Lund is the home for many interesting regular events. From January to December, there are always some things going on in Lund. I put a compilation of events in Lund below so you can mark your calendar and plan everything in advance as Swedes do ☺


This is a race for all ages that has been organised since 1982 and is claimed as the largest exercise race in Skåne. Join more than a thousand runners in this annual event. Lundaloppet has three races: 850 metres for kids, 5 kilometres and 10 kilometres. It is like a running party in Lund’s IP where organisations set up their booths and provide foods, playground and even face painting.

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A Glimpse of Helsingør

Sunny day in Helsingør

We don’t really celebrate birthday.

But, we  love to have an excuse to travel 😀

So, in the mid of July, we went to Helsingør to “celebrate” my husband’s and my daughter’s birthday. That was our first time to this port city in eastern Denmark. We planned to go there with a friend long time ago, but had to cancel it because my friend forgot to bring his passport that time 😀 .

Yep! Since Sweden still impose border control, everyone travels to Sweden must bring valid ID when enter the country. And even though Helsingør is only separated by a narrow strait from it’s Swedish twin city, Helsingborg (you can even see it from the port), you better bring your passport with you when you go there, otherwise you might get a problem to re-enter Sweden.

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Short (yet Sweet) Escape to Copenhagen


One of the good things of living in Lund is the fact that this city is so close from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. So whenever you feel the urge to experience something more vibrant, you can easily hop on the Öresund train and be in Copenhagen in just 35 minutes.

And that’s basically what we do every time Lund is getting too quiet because of the summer break 😄

Copenhagen itself is an international hub, so it’s dynamic, modern and has plenty to offer. Here is the list of the things to do and see in Copenhagen metropolitan area based on my personal experience.

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Investasi Perlengkapan Bayi

Sejak sebelum punya anak, saya sudah mudah tergoda dengan barang-barang perlengkapan bayi yang lucu-lucu, yang seperti melambai-lambai minta dibawa pulang. Belakangan ketika sudah punya anak, saya sadar banyak perlengkapan bayi yang sebenarnya enggak butuh-butuh amat untuk dibeli. Dari situ saya belajar melakukan semacam “investasi.” Membeli perlengkapan bayi yang memang benar-benar nyaman, berguna dan tahan lama, bukan sekedar “cute” saja. Tentu saja melalui proses trial and error juga. Ada barang-barang “tidak berguna” yang pernah saya beli sewaktu anak pertama saya lahir dulu. Misal saya pernah beli pelindung lutut, sepatu (bayi yang belum berjalan sebenarnya tidak perlu sepatu, bukan? 😅) atau detergen khusus bayi.

Dari beberapa pembelian, berikut adalah daftar perlengkapan bayi terbaik yang pernah saya beli. Siapa tahu bisa menjadi referensi bagi mereka yang merencanakan punya anak, atau sekedar ide kado.

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The writing that helped Hayu re-find herself*


The move to Sweden became a major transition for Hayu Rahmitasari. In order not to feel idle, she took up writing. Now she has released her first novel – which may be adapted into series.

December 2016, Hayu Rahmitasari moved from Yogyakarta, Indonesia with her then six-year-old daughter. Her husband, Zaki, had received a doctoral position in Lund and they first thought of a long-distance marriage. But after eight months, the distance became too large so she resigned from her job as lecturer at the university in her hometown and moved afterward.

The couple are both media and communication scholars and in fact they were also “competitors” for a while.

“We applied for the same doctoral position, but at that time we did not understand that it was only one position available in Lund. He was the one who was eventually hired.”

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Embracing the Typically Swedish habits*

Living in a new country brings its own excitement and challenges. The first years are usually dubbed as the honeymoon phase. This is the moment when everything seems so bright, fresh and exciting.

Then soon, things become routine and less fascinating than before. In a matter of time, we started to settle and eventually adopted the new habits, including the habits in eating. Either we consciously do it on purpose, or it just comes naturally, we’ll find ourselves embrace the new habit, no matter how strange we thought it was.

This is actually a good sign as you’ve had become part of another culture, and it has changed the way you look at people, life, and even yourself.

After living in Sweden for almost three years, here are the things that I found unusual at the beginning but now I got used to them:

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Ke Billund Naik Kereta

“Liburan kita “orang tua” banget ya mas sekarang,” ujar saya pada suami saat kami baru saja sampai di Legoland Billund, Minggu (23/6) lalu.


Kami berdua terkekeh. Tapi tentu tak ada nada kecewa di sana. Saya berkomentar begitu lebih karena di antara kami berdua tidak ada yang benar-benar menggemari amusement park, tidak ada yang masa kecilnya asyik bermain lego (level saya cuma lego ala pasar yang gedhe-gedhe dan terbuat dari plastik berbahaya itu 😆) tidak pernah juga kencan di Dufan, jadilah kami tak sering-sering amat bermain di taman bermain macam begini.

Tapi setelah menjadi orang tua dari bocah yang sekarang hampir 9 tahun, yang memang menyukai lego, dan tinggal di Lund yang hanya sepelemparan tiket kereta dari Billund, rasanya kok sayang jika melewatkan kesempatan mengunjungi Legoland di tanah kelahirannya. Terlebih lagi sejak hamil besar akhir tahun lalu kemudian punya bayi kicik, kami jarang banget jalan bareng berempat yang agak jauh. Jadilah liburan musim panas tahun ini all about our first born 😅.

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