Autumn Best Spots in Lund*

Every season has its own charm but for me there’s something about autumn that enchanting like no other seasons.

The crisp breeze. The sweetness in the air. The amazing colours when every leaf is a flower as Albert Camus puts it.

Maybe that’s just because I’m a hopeless romantic by nature. But regardless of your personality type, autumn is definitely one of the most beautiful times in Lund. It is when the old buildings in the city are covered in red vines and every lane turns into a yellow carpet.

So, if you’re new in Lund and wondering where to get instagrammable autumn pictures, here are my suggestions:

Lund University Library

This building at Helgonabacken has been the main library for Lund University (LU) since 1907 and is one of the most iconic buildings in Lund. When the season changes, it changes its appearance too due to the vines that cover most part of it. The look of it becomes brown or sometimes white on winter, green on spring and summer, and red in autumn.

The famous university library building. Photo by Hayu Hamemayu

With such a beauty, the picture of this building is probably the most used picture in every LU student’s desktop wallpaper 

The area around the library also offers a beautiful view of autumn as shady trees surround the building; some of them even create canopies above the streets.

Oh that yellow carpet. Photo by Hayu Hamemayu

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4 responses to “Autumn Best Spots in Lund*”

  1. musim gugur memang capek betul yaaakk.. moga kapan-kapan bisa main ke Lund!

    1. Hehehe, iyak, favorit! Aamiin. Semoga pandemi ini segera usai, kami juga pengen ke Berlin lagi 😄

      1. baru nyadar nulis capek.. maksudnya cakep.. 😩

      2. Wekekekekek, kirain sengaja dibalik gitu 😂

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