Eid al-Fitr celebration #inthetimeofcoronavirus

Every Eid celebration has its own story.

And I will remember this year’s Eid al-Fitr (1441H/2020) as a very quiet and lonesome one, even for me who hasn’t been home for Eid for years.

There was no communal Eid prayer in the morning. No family gathering. No friend visit. Nothing really special for a big day like Eid.

We got used to the idea of celebrating Eid far from home actually. This is not our first time celebrating Eid not in Indonesia. But at least in the time before coronavirus, we got to pray in nearest mosque or park, met friends and later gathered with them, so the festive spirit was still there. We also had an Eid festival where we could really enjoy the joyful moment and meet fellow Muslims in Sweden.

But this year, we just prayed at home with Zaki as the imam and the preacher. Then video calling all day long to greet our extended families, both from my side and Zaki’s. It’s still good to see them, talk to them, laugh with them.

But there’s this void that needs to be filled somehow.

I know I should be grateful. At least I’m still able to celebrate it in good health, not in exile or war zone. Nobody said #lifeinthetimeofcoronavirus was gonna be easy. So I think I just need to make peace with the fact that things are different now, including Eid celebration.

Although we plan, God also plans, and He is the best planner after all.

So, for the sake of keeping the Eid spirit, Zaki and I decided to still cook Eid specialty dishes, like opor and sambal balado, even though it’s just gonna be us who eat them 😄. I even made apem, a rice flour cake specially served during Eid in my hometown.

The essence of Eid al-Fitr is joy, supposedly for being reborn as a better person as we celebrate it after the fasting month. That’s why on Eid we gather with families and friends, we cook good food, we dress nicely, and we are obliged to pay Zakat, so that those who are less fortunate can also celebrate the day and be in joy.

This year’s Eid celebration is definitely one of a kind. But let’s hope that it’s just temporary and that we will be able to have a proper and better Eid al-Fitr celebration next year onwards.

Finally, from my family to yours, we wish you a blessed and a joyful Eid. I hope we can still find a ray of happiness and gratitude, despite the pandemic situation we are currently facing.

Eid mubarak! Glad Eid! Selamat Idulfitri 1441H!


2 responses to “Eid al-Fitr celebration #inthetimeofcoronavirus”

  1. Eid Mubarak! wait, is that reddish thing a apem? I tought it was a “kue mangkok” 😆

    1. Hayu Hamemayu

      Eid Mubarak for you too, Zam! Yes it is, well they are in the same family I think 😂

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