What Covid-19 has taught me about Sweden*

Picture by Arsalan Khan. Retrieved from here

When you’re living in a foreign country, it feels like you’re living in two different worlds. As if you set your feet on two different places: your hometown and your current place. Consequently, you can’t stop wondering, comparing, and analysing, which one gives you the better fit. This makes you feel wobbly and restless sometimes, especially in the situation of a pandemic of Covid-19 like what we have lately.

The last couple of months have been a really hard time for everyone. We are forced to embrace the new normal and to redefine the concept of life as we know it. New vocabularies now become part of our daily life: COVID-19, social distancing, flatten the curve, flock immunity, lockdown, and so on. However, the situation had also brought a new revelation for me.

And this revelation revolves around one word: TRUST.

Can you trust the level of trust in Sweden?

I don’t have any trust issue, but when it comes to politics and government, I was raised and taught to be sceptical or at least questioning the system. But in Sweden, this has been constantly challenged.

In the context of COVID-19, Sweden has a different approach from my home country or any other country for that matter. Sweden employs quite loose regulations, even compared to neighbouring countries like Denmark and Norway.

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2 responses to “What Covid-19 has taught me about Sweden*”

  1. aku juga sempat kaget dan heran dengan langkah yang diambil Swedia. cuma ya karena aku ngga tau bagaimana kondisinya, jadi tidak bisa berkomentar banyak. semoga dirimu dan sekeluarga sehat selalu!

    1. Hayu Hamemayu

      Ehehehehe, begitulah, ajaib sini emang trust society-nya 😅. Thanks Zam, kamu dan keluargamu juga yaaaa 🙏🏼

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