Short (yet Sweet) Escape to Copenhagen


One of the good things of living in Lund is the fact that this city is so close from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. So whenever you feel the urge to experience something more vibrant, you can easily hop on the Öresund train and be in Copenhagen in just 35 minutes.

And that’s basically what we do every time Lund is getting too quiet because of the summer break 😄

Copenhagen itself is an international hub, so it’s dynamic, modern and has plenty to offer. Here is the list of the things to do and see in Copenhagen metropolitan area based on my personal experience.

Take a Stroll to The Little Mermaid

This statue from HC Andersen’s fairy tale is probably what Copenhagen most known for. It is the icon of the city. The charm for every visitor. But don’t be surprised if the statue is not as big as you thought it would be. Little mermaid is literally little 😀 . The size doesn’t make it less beautiful though.

There are plenty options to get to this place from Copenhagen central: canal cruise, bus, taxi, or you can walk and enjoy the scenery along the way (which I prefer and did 😀 ).

Strike a pose (or two) at the Instagramable Nyhavn

One of the most picturesque spots in CPH is Nyhavn, a waterfront area that couldn’t be more colourful. Literally meaning “new harbour”, this place is now packed with bars and restaurants, kinda remind me of Navigli in Milan. If you decided to go to The Little Mermaid by foot, you can pass by this place on your way.

“Meet” the Royals at Amalienborg Palace

Are you a fan of royal family? Ever watch The Prince & Me movie? Or simply like the Danish Monde Butter Cookies? 😀 Then this place is definitely for you!

This palace is where the royal family of Denmark resides, including Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark and his wife Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, who are believed to be the true story behind The Prince & Me, a movie that depicts a romance between a prince and a commoner. Here, you can go inside the museum and learn the history and the life of Danish royal family.

Also, you can experience the changing of the Royal Guard, called Den Kongelige Livgarde every day at 12.00 noon. When I first saw it, it felt like watching the guard in the package of Monde Butter Cookies in real life. Haha. But, the one in the package is British guard I think, not Danish. I don’t know. The package is indeed confusing 😀

Explore Scandinavian Designs at Danish Design Museum

Scandinavian design is famous for its simplicity, minimalism and functionality. And if you want to learn more about it, Danish Design Museum is one of the best places to visit. Founded in 1890, this museum is a place to know Danish designs from time to time and also to get inspired by its exhibitions and workshops.

Amuse yourself in Tivoli Gardens

This amusement park is located so close from Copenhagen central station. In fact, once you stepped out from the station, you will hear the screams from its visitors as if they invite you to just cross the road and get inside the park 😀

It is the second-oldest operating amusement park in the world and surely the park for everyone. You can just go to the park, have a picnic and stroll around, or you can seek thrill by taking the rides or playing games. Some people even come here just for dinner or to watch a concert. No wonder it is claimed as the most visited theme park in Scandinavia.

Try the Typical Danish Foods

15747858_10158089635160094_8688157590272831175_nWhen in Copenhagen, don’t forget to try the typical Danish foods such as Danish pastry or puff pastry with filling and glazing, Danish cookies (butter cookies in tin box) and Danish pølser or hot dogs.

The Danish hot dogs is grilled and usually extend over the edges of the bun. What makes it special, for me, is it’s garnished with fried onions so it gives you a crunchy texture. You can buy it in the “pølsevogn” or sausage wagon that can be easily found around the city. The most common brand is Steff Houlberg or Tulip .

In addition to those, there are two more places, we usually go when we are in Copenhagen: a noodle stall in Frederiksberggade called Momo Wok Box and Flying Tiger Copenhagen, a Danish variety store selling cheap accessories and toys 😀 . You might want to visit this store if you want to get Danish souvenirs other than key chain or magnets.

So, have you been to Copenhagen? What’s your favourite list?


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