Where to shop second-hand stuff in Lund?*

As a country that is eager to create a zero waste society, second-hand items are highly valued in Sweden. It goes beyond lifestyle and has become an essential part of Swedish everyday life. Swedes have been said to have a deeply rooted habit of selling and donating old things, which means there are plenty of second-hand items to buy throughout the country. Where to find them in Lund?


Erikshjälpen is one of the most popular second-hand shops in Lund. It has two branches: one in Stora Södergatan 25, not too far from Botulfsplatsen bus station and the other one is located in Öresundsvägen 16, a little bit outside the city centrum. Selling almost everything you need for your home, Erikshjälpen is like the second-hand version of IKEA and even better because it sells other brands too.

Here you can find various items, from a set of antique spoons to books in English to bulky furniture.

The Öresundsvägen branch is bigger than the one in Lund city. However, it has limited opening hours. It only opens on Tuesday, Thursday (11.00-18.00) and Saturday (10.00-16.00). Expect a large crowd when you come on Saturday, as it seems to be the favourite day for the customer. Here in the Öresundsvägen branch, you can also treat yourself with fika because it has a mini café inside the store.

BusBraBarn Secondhand

Located in Skolgatan 3a, this second-hand shop sells kid’s specialities in its small but complete basement shop. Here you can find clothes, shoes, toys and other kid’s stuff with bargain prices. A little bit more expensive than other second-hand shops in Lund, but the quality is unbeatable. The items here are in mint condition and are the most famous brands like Polarn O. Pyret, Didriksson, Reima, etc.


Few metres away from Erikshjälpen, there is another second-hand shop called Emmaus. It has two stores separated by the street of “Stora Tvärgatan”. Emaus sells not only household appliances, but also bikes and electronics. Like Erikshjälpen, the profit generated in this shop is donated to charity.


This second-hand shop is located very close to Lund’s main landmark, Lunds Domkyrka. Specializing in retro and funky clothes for men and women, this place is perfect to shop unusual clothes from sports-wear to fancy party dresses. Embrace yourself the retro mood once you’re there as the shop plays oldies tracks over the store sound system.

Ugglan Second hand

Ugglan Second hand is a second hand shop located in Fäladstorget. Owned by Svenska Kyrkan, it sells books, cutlery, and other things except for furniture. This store is not so big but is well organised and easy to locate the items you need.

Loppis or Flea Market

Loppis at Clemenstorget. Photo by Hayu Hamemayu

When it’s sunny and warm, you can always find loppis, the Swedish term for a flea market, in Lund. There are at least two places where you can find loppis: Clemenstorget, just a stroll away from Lund C station, and Södra Esplanaden, a long walk lane in the south side of Lund city. There, most of the sellers are Lundensians selling things they no longer need. The items are really varied and the prices can be really cheap. Come early so you’ll be the first to find the gems.

Sell & Buy Groups and online marketplace

The perk of being a student city is having people come and go on a regular basis in Lund. These people usually buy and sell their stuff when they move in or leave the city. This means your chance to get second and preloved items in Lund is big. You can find all kinds of second-hand goods in Facebook groups or the marketplace page, even car and bus ticket. I myself have bought some items from Lund Sell & Buy group on Facebook and got really good deals.

There are actually other second hand shops in Lund like Fyndkällaren or Svalorna, but I haven’t shopped in these shops yet so I couldn’t share my experience. If you’ve been there, feel free to share yours in the comment section. Thank you! ☺


*originally published for The Newbie Guide to Sweden


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