Milla and Mayana Series: Spanish or English?

Author: Hayya Habibi


Once upon a day, Milla and Mayana were playing outside their house. Suddenly their Dad ran right out the door with a paper in his hand. He shouted: “Girls, there’s a new exhibition in Central Museum!”

“What’s so special about that?” asked Milla skeptically.

“It’s the story that’s special,” explained Mom.

“But why?” Mayana wondered.

“Well, if you want to know why it’s so special, you have to go to the exhibition,” said Mom and Dad both at the same time.

Soon they all hopped in the car and drove to Central Museum. Once they’ve arrived at the museum, they rushed to the ticket counter to buy some tickets.

“Four tickets please,” said Dad to the ticket officer.

“How many adults and how many children?” asked the ticket officer.

“Two children and two adults,” answered Milla.

“Alright then, you can come in. This woman will guide you to the exhibitions,” said the ticket officer.

So they went it.

“Can you take us to the Spanish/English exhibition, please?” asked mom to the woman.

“What do you mean by Spanish/English?” Mayana interrupted.

“It is the name of our newest exhibition,” answered the woman.

“So, can you take us there now?” asked mom again.

“Yes, of course. This way, please,” said the woman.

They kept walking and walking till they arrived at a big monument.

“Here we are,” said the woman cheerfully.

“You just need to turn left and you will see a line of people. You have to go in the line and show your tickets to the lady over there,” she added.

“Okay. Thank you for showing us the way,” said Dad.

“No worries,” said the woman.

Milla, Mayana, Mom and Dad got to the line and showed their tickets just like what the woman told them to do. The ticket lady checked their tickets and let them in. Inside the monument there were so many lights hanging on the roof. They looked beautiful. Then Milla, Mayana, Mom and Dad checked their tickets to know which seats they were going to sit on. Milla got seat number 17. Mayana got number 18. Mom and Dad got each number 19 and 20. So they were in the same row.

When they finally sat down, a man came on stage and said that they gave away snacks like potato chips, popcorn, soda, and juice for free. Mila was so hungry that time so she begged her mom and dad to get her some snacks. Mom and Dad asked Milla to take the snacks by herself. Milla said “Ok” and walked down to the stage.

“Wait!” Dad exclaimed.

“I almost forgot, bring your sister with you,” he added.

“Fine” Milla said.

So Milla and Mayana went to the stage and got some snacks. Their hands were full of snacks when they were back to the seat.

Righ after they sat down, the show began. There was an audio screen in the back and people dressed up as the people from long time ago. It all looked realistic. The show was two hours long but it wasn’t boring at all. In fact it was awesome. When it was over, they went home by car.

On the next day, Milla and Mayana had a “show and tell” at school. Milla knew exactly what she was going to tell to the class. When it was her turn, she called Mayana and told everyone what she was going to talk about.

“Today, for show and tell I will talk about the history of Spain and England. I will start the story now,” Milla began.

“Once there was a country called Spanish/English. This country was a nice and peaceful place until one day, there came a powerful and evil King Alfred. Alfred told this country to split themselves into two different countries or they would be banished to his awful palace. They agreed and split into two different countries called “Spain” and “England”. The end,” she said.

Everyone clapped for them. Milla and Mayana were happy to tell her friends the story.

The End



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