Having your baby in Sweden – The final checklist*

As the clock is ticking and you find yourself trying to embrace the anxiety of facing labour, you might need to know some practical things before The Big Day comes. Here are some tips to be as prepared as possible to welcome your baby.

1. Create a contacts listimg_2713

It’s always essential to know whom to call when you’re going into labour. Make sure the hospital number is included in your list. Kindly remember that in Sweden you cannot go right away to the hospital even if you’re having so much pain already.

If you live in Lund, call the Kvinnokliniken number and they will assess your condition and decide when you should come to them. They will also tell where you need to go.

In Lund case, it could be to Malmö, Helsingborg or Kristianstad.

2. Don’t forget the hospital bag

Once you’ve been granted to go to the hospital, don’t forget to grab your hospital bag. Make sure you have in it: your ID, blood group card, clothes for you and the baby, snacks, after-labour necessities like sanitary pads and personal toiletries and pregnancy letter (if you want to have one).

3. Figure out how to get to the hospital

Decide in advance how you want to get to the hospital. Are you going to drive? Take public transport? Take a cab? Ask family or friend? Make a list of plan A, B and C.

Don’t forget to check the information from the public transport provider in your area, just in case they have scheduled roadwork or planned to reroute.

4. Prepare the winter gear

It is now winter in Sweden and if your baby’s due date is around the corner, you might need to prepare some winter gears for the baby such as åkpåse, mjuklift and overall. Think also about how you will come home with the baby.

If you travel by public transport, then stroller or baby sling are the best options. But if you drive, then baby car seat is more suitable.

Now that you have everything ready, you can relax a little bit and focus on the moment when you finally meet your little one. All the best wishes:)

*Originally published for The Newbie Guide to Sweden on December 3, 2018.


2 responses to “Having your baby in Sweden – The final checklist*”

  1. Yaampun dari Lund bisa disuruh ke Kristianstad? Apa ga mbrojol di jalan? 🙈🙈 eniho.. congrats ya.. sehat2 selaluuuu

    1. Iyahhhh, alhamdulillah ini pas di Lund ada tempat jadi ga mesti jauh-jauh, tengkyuh Be, aamiin 🙏🏼

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