Babymoon Outside Sweden*

img_0685-1You’re pregnant and you realise that the days when there were just you and your partner are soon to be over. You may want to make the most of it so you plan a babymoon outside Sweden. What to prepare?

1. The second trimester is usually the best time

Pregnancy is very unique and personal. Even the same mother can feel differently about her first pregnancy and the second (or third). Generally speaking, nausea, tiredness and lack of appetite are more common during the first trimester. The risk of miscarriage is also higher in this period.

Having a trip on your second trimester is more reasonable. At this stage, you’ll have more energy to enjoy the trip.

Besides, most airlines have a similar policy for a pregnant passenger. According to BabyCentre the safest period to fly is between 14 weeks to 36 weeks (32 weeks for pregnancy with twins). Though, again, it really depends on your pregnancy condition.

This leads to the following suggestion.

2. Talk to your midwife

You may know yourself better than anyone else. But, when it comes to pregnancy and traveling, it’s wise to talk to your midwife in advance. You can discuss your overall condition and also check your upcoming schedule (blood test, ultrasound, etc.). She might advise you to take extra vitamins, avoid certain foods, and give you the fit-to-fly form if necessary (some airlines usually require this form if you travel after 28 weeks).

Traveling while pregnant is a personal decision and in Sweden, it’s your right to decide for yourself.

Therefore, your midwife wouldn’t stop you from having a babymoon. However, I think it’s a good idea to have a second opinion from an expert. You don’t want to put yourself and your baby in a risky situation after all.

3. Request your EU card

If you plan to travel within EU, do not forget to request the EU card from Försäkringkassan, prior to your departure.

This card gives you the same health and dental care as locals so you won’t be overcharged when you accidentally need healthcare services overseas.

Then, please remember to …

4. Bring your pregnancy journal

We don’t want bad things to happen during our travel, but just in case you need to see a midwife or gynecologist while traveling, it’s important to bring your pregnancy notes.

Since in Sweden your pregnancy records are saved on a database, prepare your own diary and make sure you have the backup notes on it. Otherwise, the midwife or gynecologist won’t be able to see your records and give you an accurate diagnosis.

What else?

5. Avoid risky places

Considering that a pregnant woman is quite vulnerable, make sure to research your destination before the departure date.

Be aware of areas with Zika virus for example. This type of virus is especially harmful for pregnant mommies.

Check the quality of water and food as well. Not everywhere in the world you can drink tap water. Street foods are not always the best option either. So choose what you drink and eat wisely. The last thing you want is having an upset stomach as a travel companion.

It may sound that babymoon is not that simple and easy. However, it’s actually a good escape for you. Some experts say that a babymoon strengthens the bond between you and your partner. It also gives you quality time before the baby is born. So, as long as you prepare everything well, a babymoon is not something to stay away from.


*originally published for The Newbie Guide to Sweden on August 2, 2018


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