The Robber that Took a Penguin From the Zoo

Story by Hayya Habibi

Milla and Mayana were at school. They were going to have a school field trip to the zoo. They went to the zoo with the school bus. In the zoo they saw lions, tigers, fishes, elephants, and many more.

When they were watching the penguins show, Milla and Mayana saw a robber that took one of the penguins. So they ran and chased the robber. Suddenly, the robber went to a jungle and to a dead end. Mayana was blocking the way back and Milla throw a stone on the robber’s head. Then the robber said:
“Okay, I will give you back the penguin,”
“Good,” said the girls at the same time.

So they brought the penguin and gave it to a man that was working in the zoo. Soon the penguin was safe.

The End


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