The Perk of Being a Lundensian


With only 25.75 km² area, Lund is indeed small compare to other cities in Sweden. You can explore the city in three days and you would have literally been everywhere 😄. The city is also bit quiet as the population is just around 90.000 inhabitants and much lesser on July to August, because most of them are student and they leave for summer vacation during those months. Haha.

But, as the second oldest city in Sweden, Lund is rich with history and has remarkable landmarks. I’ve never bored of the idea to stroll around its cobblestone’s streets and enjoy its colourful houses. Besides, there are other things that make me more than just happy for being a Lundensian.

First and foremost, almost everyone in Lund speaks English!

Sweden is claimed as one of the countries whose residents speak fluent English. But still, in a country where English is not the first language, we might find some people are not really convenient to speak in it. Lucky for me, that’s not the case in Lund. As the city is like a melting pot with university as its centre, Lund’s international ambience is definitely part of its daily life. Thus, from a bus driver to a florist in the city square, you will find no problem to have a conversation in English.

Second, everywhere is walking, or biking, distance.

Thanks to its small size and flat land, almost every corner of Lund is accessible by foot or by bike. These two options are actually the cheapest and most convenient. No wonder you will find lots of people walk or bike here and there in the city.


Third, the living cost in Lund is cheaper than bigger cities like, let’s say, Stockholm or even Helsingborg. An article once said that this is because Lund is bustling with financially struggled students so it’s just make sense to keep the prices low. 😆

Fourth, short trip to Copenhagen, and even shorter to Malmö.

Whenever you feel an urge for a short escape, or simply want something more vibrant, you can easily hop on Öresundtag and spend less than an hour to go to Copenhagen. Meanwhile, the third largest city in Sweden, Malmö, can also be reached within few minutes from Lund. Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Fifth, warmer winter.

Well, depending on your definition of warm 😁, the temperature in Lund and southern Sweden in general is less harsh than in northern or central Sweden. It allows you to enjoy slightly bearable winter and “longer” summer. Although, when it comes to weather in Sweden, you’d better lower your expectation. 😆

I know that Lund doesn’t have those charms of the big cities. But I love Lund and anything that comes in its package. For me, Lund has the right dosage of aliveness and tranquility. Lund is a perfect place for balancing personal and professional life. It’s simply an ideal place to call home, far away from home.



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