5 Apps You Should Have When in Sweden*

When it comes to technology, Sweden is among the top countries to make the most of it. No wonder the country is getting more and more tech savvy every day. Therefore, acting like the real millennial generation (who relies on mobile application quite a lot) is one of the reasonable options when living in Sweden. Here is the list of mobile apps you should have to help you catch up with the Swedish millennial wave 🙂 .

  1. Language Apps

It is unarguably important to have language apps when you live in a country in which English is not the first language (and you don’t speak the language either). There are plenty options for these kind of apps, ranging from translation based apps like Google Translate and SayHi, to learning based apps like Duolingo and Babbel. So far, I am happy with Google Translate (although sometimes it translate words way too literally) and Duolingo (because it’s fun and gives me sense of accomplishment) but you can always make comparison, take the trials if necessary then decide which one meets your preference.

  1. Mobile Payment Apps

In case you didn’t know, Sweden is a cashless country. So, one of the most important applications that you should have here in Sweden is Swish. Swish is a mobile payment app that was already famous in Sweden far before “Swish Swish” by Katy Perry became hit :D. To use the service, you need a smartphone, the mobile Bank ID (for safety reason), a Swedish bank account (check if your bank were affiliated to Swish or not here) and the Swish app. It has been used nationwide in Sweden (even by street vendors) since 2012. I personally recommend you to download this app so next time you want to buy something and you find this note: “Sorry no cash, Swish only,” you won’t be too concerned.

  1. Local Transportation Apps

Check the local transportation provider in your area to see what app you should download. In my case, since I live in Skåne area, the local transport app that I use is the Skånetrafiken app. This app allows you to purchase single, 24 hour and 30-day tickets and gives you extra 25% discount when you travel together in combo ticket. By downloading this app, you don’t need to worry about losing your ticket, leaving your JOJO card at home or forgot to top it up. Simply scan it on the provided machines and have a less hassle travel!

  1. Marketplace Apps

Want to buy (or rent) something in Sweden but not so sure where to go, you better check the marketplace apps first especially Blocket, one of the most used marketplace throughout Sweden. Here in Blocket, you can find almost everything from fancy stuffs to used books and even jobs. It’s not a perfect marketplace as there are still some scams there but it surely one application fits all.

  1. Digital Music Apps

Have you ever notice that most people in Sweden always listen to something from their phone while queuing, cycling, waiting, walking, delivering letters, jogging, anything?

I don’t have the data but I’m pretty sure what they listen to is music from Spotify. Yes, Spotify is unquestionably famous in its country of origin. It just doesn’t feel right if you don’t have it in your phone here. I cannot forget the stupid moment I experienced when I went to a store to check my phone because there was a problem with the audio. The guy who fixed it asked me to play music from Spotify to test the audio and there was that awkward moment when I said: “Uhm, I don’t have Spotify in my phone.” The guy was kind enough to say: “Oh okay, you can try YouTube then,” but I felt so dumb the next thing I did was downloading Spotify straightaway, in front of him :D.

I got to say that the technology here in Sweden really makes life easier, even for an old fashioned person like me. Also, by using the apps, I don’t feel lag behind in a new country.

So, happy downloading!

*This post is originally published in The Newbie Guide to Sweden’s website on January 15, 2018.


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