Kid’s Stories Project: Milla and Mayana in an Island

Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi

Edited by Hayu Hamemayu

One day, Milla and Mayana had a picnic near a jungle. Mayana wanted to play but Milla was feeling too hot so she laid down in the carpet and slept.

Suddenly, Milla and her family were at an island. There was a note with a big X on it falling from the sky.

They read it and it was a treasure map! They tried to find the treasure by following the map to the X sign. Not long after that they found the X sign and dug the treasure. They were so happy and brought the treasure with them.

Then, they realized that they didn’t come by boat so they couldn’t leave the island. They thought and thought to find a solution. They walked around the island and suddenly Milla saw a tiny boat. They all jumped to the boat but it was too heavy they were barely able to stir. They tried so hard and the boat moved a little but there were some sharks following their boat. They all screamed and Milla realized that she’s not in the boat anymore. She was back on the carpet where she laid down. “Oh, I just had the strangest dream ever!” she said.

The end!


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