Kid’s Stories Project: Visiting the Queen

img_4135Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi

Editor: Hayu Hamemayu

One fine morning, Milla and Mayana played football in their backyard. They loved playing football. When they were playing, they saw a letter falling in the ground. They picked it up and went inside the house. They told their mom and dad about it. Their parents opened the letter and read it for a minute. Milla and Mayana were so curious so they asked: “Who is the letter from?”. Her dad said: “It’s from the Queen!” Milla and Mayana were so surprised. They were so happy to know that they’d been invited to visit the queen in her castle. The next morning they put their luggages in the car and went to the airport.


In the airport they were waiting in the waiting room until it was time for boarding. Milla and Mayana went inside the plane. They were super excited to meet the queen. In the plane, they ate lunch. Milla had sausage with rice and Mayana had egg with fried rice. After had her lunch finished, Milla asked her mom: “Where are we going to meet the Queen?” Her mom said: “In Paris”.


Few hours later they arrived in Paris. They went to the hotel just to put their luggages in their room and went straightaway to the castle where the Queen lives. Milla and Mayana were so excited to meet the Queen. They went to the Queen’s room and saw something shining. It was the Queen’s crown. Milla and Mayana came closer and said “Hi” to the Queen. The Queen smiled and greeted them back. She wanted to show Milla and Mayana some things she has in her castle. But, because her crown was too big for her, she decided to put the crown upstair and asked Milla and Mayana to wait downstair.

Then, the Queen took Milla and Mayana around the castle and showed some of her collections. The first thing Milla saw was the Queen’s dress. The second thing was the Queen’s jewel. They were all very beautiful. When the tour ended, the Queen went upstair to take her crown. But, the crown was not there. The Queen ran quickly and told Milla and Mayana about it. She asked Milla, Mayana and their parents to come with her to the upstair room. When they arrived, Milla heard a funny noise. It was from the window. They looked out the window and saw two robbers ran away with the crown on their hands.



The Queen asked Milla and Mayana’s parents to stay in the castle to make sure the robbers didn’t take anything else, while she and the girls went downstair quickly and chased the robbers. The robbers ran faster but then there was a river on their way. Both of the robbers tried to jump over the river. But, the river was too wide so they fell in the river and accidentally dropped the crown to the ground. Milla, the Queen, and Mayana jumped to the other side and took the crown. The robbers ran away before they caught them. “It’s okay,” said the Queen. “As long as we get the crown back,” she added. So they went back to the castle. Then, it was time to go home so Milla and Mayana said “good bye” to the queen and went back to the hotel. They both were tired but very happy. On their way back Milla and Mayana said to their parents: “Mom, Dad, I think it’s one of the best days ever.”

The End


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