How to Enjoy the Swedish Summer in Lund

When it comes to summer, Swedes knows how to make the most of it. It’s of course understandable, since summer doesn’t last long here and winter can be unbearable. So they definitely don’t want to miss the summer moments. Travel to sandy beaches, go for kayaking in national parks, or enjoying the days in summer houses are parts of the summer essentials in Sweden.

Unfortunately, for a small city like Lund, where most of the inhabitants are students, summer is also a quiet moment as most people leave the city for summer holiday. Even some stores are closed (or at least closed early) during summer. Locals call it as sommarstängt which literally means closed for/during summer. So, how are the best ways to enjoy summer in Lund? Well, here are what I do:

1. Eat Ice Cream (a lot of it!)

Summer would never be complete without ice cream. And luckily, there are, at least, three most popular places to eat ice cream in Lund city: Glasskulturen, Annika’s Cafe & Glassbar and Ahlgrens Konfektyr. All of them serve tasty ice cream in various flavors. Annika’s has the smoothest ice cream, but the choice isn’t plenty and they don’t really have regular opening hour (really depends on the weather). So, my favorite is Glasskulturen which is located next to Lunds Stortorget. Although, I will go with Ahlgrens in terms of service and friendliness (one of the shopkeepers there is really nice and good looking by the way, ha! 😜). But, if you don’t bother to queue for quite some times for the best ice cream in town where you will never running out of idea what flavors to have, then I would recommend Glasskulturen. You will easily notice this ice cream stall as it’s located in the heart of Lund, very close to the tourist information centre. Besides, with lots of people queuing for their ice cream almost everyday, this ice cream spot is hard to miss.


2. Be like a tourist


While most of Lundensian are leaving town for summer getaway, Lund is bit packed with tourists on summer. They visit Lunds Domkyrka, Lunds Universitet, Kulturen, Stortorget and other landmarks/tourist attractions. So, it’s the best moment for you to “join” them and be a tourist in your own city 🙂 . Stroll around the city and take plenty of pictures without hesitation. In other seasons you may feel inconvenient to take selfie in front of the city landmarks because people would find it uncommon. But in summer, people won’t be bothered because they will think that you’re a tourist as well so it’s the best season to take pictures in front of Lunds Domkyrka, the Universitets Biblioteket (UB) and even in front of Lund Central Station (if you want to 😁 ).


3. Picnic in the parks

Whenever possible (read: when the weather permits), try to have an outdoor activity on summer. It’s good for your health, physically and mentally 😁. Picnic in the park is one of the easiest and cheapest options for outdoor activities. All you need are just throw or mat and BBQ or snacks. You can lay back and relax all day long enjoying season in the sun (and get tanned for bonus). Best parks to have picnic in Lund, based on my experience, are Lunds Stadsparken and Botaniska Trädgården. Both are located in city area and are accessible by bus, bike or foot (you decide!).


4. Have a fika (of course!)

Picture is retrieved from Routes North

Well, fika is the all-season-friendly activity you can have in Lund. Another good thing about fika in summer is you can still enjoy it under the sun as most cafes and coffee shops provide extra terraces so you can sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunshine at the same time. And, since Swedish coffee is really strong, hopefully it can boost your mood and keep it good before the winter comes 😊.

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