Kid’s Stories Project: The Day The Crayons Get Sad

Picture is retrieved from Goodreads

My kid’s been really into Drew Daywalt’s The Day The Crayons Quit, a funny and intriguing book about crayons that don’t want to color anymore. It was started around two months ago when she and her friends at school acted out a play based on the story (she was the white crayon by the way 🙂 ). Since then, she couldn’t stop watching the video and re-reading the book. Last week, she came up with an adaptation story of the original one. It’s a kind of fan fiction. I must say, of course, that the idea and the intellectual copyright belong to Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers (as the illustrator). My kid is just writing her version of the story. The book itself is really recommended for young readers. Find more about the book here, and here or watch the video here.

So, here is my daughter’s version.

The Day The Crayons Get Sad

Original Story by Drew Daywalt. Original Illustration by Oliver Jeffers.

Adaptation and Illustration by Hayya Habibi.



Dear Duncan,

It’s me, white crayon. I’m so sad that I’m empty and I’m like a camouflage. Can you give me some colors?

Your friend,

White crayon



Dear Duncan,

It’s me, blue crayon. I’m so sad that I’m so little. Can you please make me taller?

Your friend,

Blue crayon




Dear Duncan,

It’s me, red crayon. I’m so sad that I’m tall. I don’t like being tall. So, can you please make me shorter?

Your friend,

Red crayon




Dear Duncan,

It’s me, orange crayon. I’m so sad that I cannot be the color of the sun. Can you choose me to be the color of the sun?

Your friend,

Orange crayon



Dear Duncan,

It’s me, yellow crayon. I’m so sad that my color is so light. Can you make it darker?

Your friend,

Yellow crayon



Dear Duncan,

It’s me, purple crayon. I’m so sad that you’re coloring in the out lines and it’s messy.

Your friend,

Purple crayon



Dear Duncan,

It’s me, grey crayon. I’m so sad I need to do a lot of works. Can you give me some times to rest?

Your friend,

Grey crayon.

Duncan didn’t want to make the crayons sad. So he did what the crayons said to him. Then he promised the crayons to do what makes them happy. And that’s the end of the story.



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