Life as We Know It

Some people tend to think that living overseas is all about traveling and those fun things. In fact, living far from home is also about rethinking the life itself.

Living overseas giving you space. Space to realize things you previously took for granted. Food, for example. In Indonesia, finding Indonesian cook is never an issue (obviously!). They are cheap, and good and easy to get. No wonder some people cooked rarely, including me 😀 . They prefer to buy foods from restaurants or diners because it is way simpler and cheaper, especially for those mouth-watering Indonesian street foods.

When I wanted martabak manis/terang bulan (Indonesian pancake), I could grab it easily from the nearest food stall. When I was craving for cilok (Indonesian meatball-like snack) I could just buy it instead of make it. No hassle. Totally comfort zone.

But here in Sweden, of course I couldn’t do that anymore. If I want Indonesian food, I have to make it by myself (or at least ask my husband to make it, ha!). Unlike in Australia (where I could find Bakso, Sate and even Nasi Padang), Indonesian restaurant is not common in here. So I started learning how to cook Indonesian food more seriously. I read recipes. I try to cook foods I didn’t even expect myself to cook before.

I am not a picky eater actually. My food tolerance is limitless (as long as it’s permissible and not against my belief). I can eat European foods, Asian foods, American foods, Australian foods, African foods, and uncategorized foods. But there are times when I’m missing foods from home and there is no other way than pushing the limit and trying to make them by myself.

And it’s not a just about food. It’s also about all things in life. Human tends to appreciate something when it has already gone. Now that I live in a four-season country, I appreciate the all year sunshine in Indonesia more (something that I used to complain about because of the heat and humidity). Now that I live in a snowy weather, I give more appreciation to the beach times I had in Perth, Bali, or Gunungkidul (things that I didn’t take too seriously back then).

But, while I’m here in Sweden, I will enjoy all the snows and the breezes, as I will definitely miss them when I leave. I will also enjoy all the foods and the moments I won’t find back home. Because I know, there will be those days when I miss Sweden like now I miss Indonesia and Australia.

Living overseas makes me appreciate things I’ve ignored before. It makes me grateful for the things I had. It encourages me to embrace every moment I have. And it prepares me for the things I will or won’t have in the future.

For me, living overseas is a moment to search inside you and questioning life, as we know it.


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