The Story of the Unsettled Family

I was driving one of my good friends to the airport when he asked,

“So you’re moving to Sweden? All of you?”

“Yes!” I replied.


“By the end of this month or early December maximum.”

And then he gave me that “whatttt???” look, showing how surprised he was to know about our decision.

“But you’ve just come back from Australia and build a career in Indonesia, and now you’re gonna move to somewhere far for quite a long time. Oh, wow!” he added.

“I know. We are definitely an unsettled family, hahaha, ” I said in laugh.


Yes. The unsettled family. That’s how I call my family lately. I was just joking with my friend, but it turns out that it was (and still is) right. We are definitely an unsettled family. We travel here and there. We search for new places. We can’t just sit still and enjoy a normal weekend.

We travelled to Karimun Jawa on our first year of marriage when I was seven months old pregnant (definitely not an average weekend getaway for expecting mom 🙂 ). On our second year, we moved to Perth, Australia with our six months old baby to pursue our master degree. Lived in the Down Under for two years, then started a new beginning in Indonesia, and now we try our luck in the Up North. Half the globe in almost seven years.

I’m not complaining though. I know I’ve been into traveling since I was a kid. Meeting Zaki, who spends most of his time moving from one place to another, is not a coincidence. It’s meant to be. Our passion for traveling  is one of the things that bind us together. We cherish every moment we have when we travel. Going somewhere new, experiencing something different, are the things that fulfill our souls. I know that we do not have the privilege of a comfort zone right now. But, as long as we are happy, why should we have one anyway?

Being an unsettled family is maybe not your ideal picture of a family. But my definition of a family is not about settling down (in terms of place not heart 😉 ). Family, for me, is about being together. Being loved. Being supportive of each other and being strong. And in fact, we’ve never been this strong before. So I guess I’m proud to call myself: the alpha female of the Unsettled Family 🙂

Meet the Unsettled Family
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