You, yes You!

Some people said we live a perfect love.
We met, and we just knew that we’re right for reach other.

Maybe it’s true.
Or maybe it isn’t.

Our love story is not just a fate.
It’s not something we simply take for granted.
We work on it every single day.

Life isn’t some romantic comedy movies.
Our love has its fights, its tears, its miseries.

Sometimes we even hurt each other.
So bad until we thought that life before us was so much easier.

But now, after being husband-less for the last five months, I realize that we’re better, we’re stronger, we’re happier, when we are together.

Happy birthday, sweetheart!
Maybe life was easier when I was just by myself.
But I don’t want an easy life.
I want YOU!

July 17, 2016


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