Almost Seven Years

It has been almost 7 years since the day we agreed to call this thing: love.

From that day on, loving you is the only job I’d never have a day off.

Our story is not a fairy tale.

Sometimes we argue, we fight, we quarrel.

We know happy ever after do not exist.

But we work together to conquer our giant tears.

We never know what future brings.

But we believe that faith is the most important thing.

It has been almost 7 years since the day we agreed to call this thing love.

From that day on, you’re the only thing I’d never get bored of.

Jogja, March 21, 2013



11 responses to “Almost Seven Years”

  1. andi a. abass

    Hi hamemayu,

    Almost 1year had passed after initial contact.

    I have found chossy pratama and also have news regarding Retno Susanti.

    If you like to have news regading email me.

    Best rgds.


    Sent from my iPad

  2. Hayu Hamemayu

    Hi Andi,

    That’s such a good news.
    I’m happy to hear that.


  3. Andi a. Abass

    Chossy is now 67 years of age. I met him in singapore. He is still active as a music maestro. His latest composition and arrangement was a song “saorang” sung by Bella Sofie. You can read more about chossy inn his Linkin page. He Has a music studio in Bandung. He was kind enough to download into a thumb drive 61 of his greatest compositions for me, Asmara, kau dan aku, etc. his music company is called Promodi Records.

    Strange, two years ago, there was nothing on chossy on the internet . How things have changed.

    How are you doing Hayu. Have you competed your Phd studies.

    1. Hayu Hamemayu

      Wow, how time does fly :).
      I’m happy to know that he’s still active as a composer.
      He’s really good on it.

      I’m good. Yup, I’ve finished my study. It’s a master degree by the way, not PhD 🙂
      Back to Indonesia now.

  4. Andi a. Abass

    Assume, the photo shown is that of your family. What are you and the husband working as? I recalled the first time we contacted, was through the blog ……di sudut jendela. The data were kept in my old computer, which had become obsolete and the hard disk damaged.

    Your family has a whole future ahead of you. For me, i just have memories of yesteryears. I did sent you wiwiek widya renditions of “poetri” and “doa”. Both songs were composed by chossy. Chossy never heard of wiwied. Retno Susanti was his protege. He discovered her in Malang, and brought fame for her. Unfortunately just like flowers, they never last but fade away. Retno is married to a pastor and now only sings for the church. Amen.

    As for me, i spend much time pondering on Steven Hawking’s Universe, THE GRAND DESIGN. Just like Hawking, i am beginning to doubt the existence of the Creator. I really havec beome a doubting Muslim.

    May the Force be with you


    1. Hayu Hamemayu

      Hi Andi,
      Yup, that’s me and my husband. the two little girls are my cousins.
      My husband is a lecturer, while I’m doing a freelance job as a writer. Working from home so I can taking care of my child 🙂

      I used to listen that song and other Chossy’s songs, years ago, from my computer. Too bad the viruses damaged all data I had. But it’s okay.
      Yup, I got those songs. Thanks.

      Amen 🙂


    2. Hayu Hamemayu

      Hi Andi,

      This is my email address:
      By the way, I did what u asked me to do with your comment 🙂


  5. Andi a. Abass


    Thank you very much. Chossy is really a very nice person and i just do not wish to hurt him.

    I am beginning to embrace his philosophy regarding life. IT IS VERY EASY TO MAKE ENEMIES BUT NOT SO EASY TO MAKE FRIENDS.

    My main occupation for the last 10years is seeing specialists and doctors almost every month.

    In fact, i am due for another examination tomorrow in singapore. Talk to you again next week.

    Just as a matter of interest, what is your husband field of speciality?

    Best rgds


    1. Hayu Hamemayu

      Hi Andi,

      I hope the examination is doing well.
      My husband’s area of specialty is communication particularly media and visual studies 🙂


  6. Hi hayu,

    July 2013 was a very trying period for me and my wife. She was in an isolation ward for a month, with shingles, diabetes and renal complications. I was the only visitor she had. Because of the stress, i was hospitalized myself. The doctors thought i had a stroke. I spent 7 days warded. I did not have a stroke but may have infections in the inner ear that caused dizziness.

    None of my children came to see us. I have 4 of them. They are all abroad, each persuing their dream. We did not have the heart of disrupting their respective quest.

    Life for the human specie is very complex now. We all must be holding jobs and have suficient funds to see us through old age. Sometime i feel that life is not worth living. Perhaps you would care to commennt.


    1. Dear Andi, I deeply apologize for my very late reply. The new semester has just started. Lecturing and other Uni stuffs make me busy so I can’t check my blog regularly.

      I’m sorry to hear your wife’s situation. I just can wish she will get well soon. About your children, I believe they still care about you two.

      Well, I don’t think I’m qualified to talk about religion but I do believe in God. I know that you’ve been in a very tough situation but I believe God has better plan and that he will never let u walk alone 🙂

      I wish I can help you more, Andi but all I can do is pray to God for your and your wife’s health.

      Best wishes,

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