Long Journey Home: Relocating in The Time of COVID-19 (Part 2)

On Board & Transit Experience

We never flew Qatar Airways before, but we heard many positive reviews about them especially in regards to COVID-19 handling. So when it was time for us to decide which airlines we were going to book, we already had Qatar Airways in the top priority. And we didn’t regret our decision. The flights were quite smooth, especially the one from Copenhagen to Doha. The one from Doha from Jakarta had a turbulence before landing but it was mild compare to our experience 3 years back when we flew from Dubai to Jakarta.

They take precautions quite seriously. Masks are worn the whole time except when eating (we wore face shield when it’s meal time just for the peace of mind 😀 ), and they continuously reminded passenger to do so. If you forgot to bring your own masks and hand sanitiser, don’t worry, they hand out sanitary kit before take off.

The services were also excellent. The foods were tasty. The on board entertainment was good and the crew was really helpful. Another good thing was, because there’s a rule to have one empty seat in between selected seats, we ended up having 6 seats in a row for four of us which is really good when you travel with kids!

We had 3 hours transit in Doha and we didn’t look around to be honest because we were not in the mood of sightseeing or shopping. But in a glance, the airport looked clean and was easy to navigate around. The facilities were also good so in general it was a nice stopover.

This journey was actually the very first long flight for K and I was worried that she would be cranky or bored. To my surprise, she was happy, and even slept for almost the whole flight from Doha to Jakarta.

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