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Hi there!

Welcome to my site where I want to invest in writing.

My name is Diyah Hayu Rahmitasari, better known as Hayu Hamemayu which is actually my pen name. I am the author of Circle Route, the co-author of Siklus Cinta and Jendela-jendela Aba (Laki-laki dalam Kereta short story) and the alpha female of the Unsettled Family. My work has appeared in The Jakarta PostMedia IndonesiaKompasMajalah KartiniMedium, The Newbie Guide to Sweden, and Indonesia Travel Magazine among others.

I was born and raised in Yogyakarta, Indonesia but I left my heart in Perth, Western Australia and Lund, Sweden where I lived for two years and five years respectively. These three cities are the places I call home and the setting for most of the stories I write here.

Feel free to click around and if you find something interesting to read, happy reading!


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