Welcome Note

Hi there,

Welcome to my site where I want to invest in writing.

My name is Diyah Hayu Rahmitasari, better known as Hayu Hamemayu which is actually my pen name. I am the author of Circle Route, the co-author of Siklus Cinta and Jendela-jendela Aba (Laki-laki dalam Kereta short story) and the alpha female of the Unsettled Family. My work has appeared in The Jakarta Post, Media IndonesiaKompas, Majalah Kartini, Medium, The Newbie Guide to Sweden, and Indonesia Travel Magazine among others.

I’ve been moving around for quite sometimes —from a tropical country in the equator, to down under then up north—. And every time I settle to a new place, I get the opportunity to meet new people and to experience new things, as well as, the time to observe various cultures and behaviors, to reflect on others’ and my own experiences, and eventually to write stories about them.

Writing then becomes a journey for me to find what I really want and how I want to see myself in the future. Writing is my attempt to let the world know who I am and what I stand for. Through my writings, I would like people to see that everyone fights a battle we know nothing about. And for that reason, we must learn to act justly, not only in our deeds but also in our thoughts.

Happy reading,


Things I do professionally
  • Writing
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Teaching
  • Research

17 responses to “Welcome Note”

  1. “Hamemayu Hayuning Bawana”
    “Rahayuning Bawana Kapurba Waskitaning Manungsa”
    “Darmaning Manungsa Mahanani Rahayuning Negara”
    “Rahayuning Manungsa Dumadi Karana Kamanungsane”

  2. Pertanyaan suami istri kok podo…
    Mau belajar tentang wordpress….
    coba buka aja http://panduan.wordpress.com

  3. mbak, ide kursinya aku tiru ya….

  4. kursi apa?
    gambar kursi?
    oke silahkan saja..

  5. Mbak Hamewayu tenan ki blognya……^_^

  6. hamewayu? berarti memperbasi dunk, kan bahasa jawanya basi=wayu hehehehe

  7. salam kenal dari kami 🙂
    leot blognya, mirip leot pertama blog saya 😀

  8. denger2 ada yg mau merid ne,tgl 8 bln dpan..

  9. @ dusone: hehehehe, iya, mohon doanya ya..

  10. dik ayu.. ini arie kretek. ihhh… suka banget blog ini…. btw eyd ku bener belom? hehehe

  11. walah, ketemu sudara di dunia maya, hehehehe, makasih-makasih mbak, sering-sering aja mampir ;p

  12. jan.. ra adoh-adoh ki.. cah bulpos.. wakakaka..

  13. zam: lhah, cah bulpos kan mengobrak-abrik dunia persilatan, hehehehe

  14. akhirnya saya tersenyum juga. Hamemayu, hamemayu…
    masalahnya aku kirain semacam bahasa apa gitu, jebul boso jowo hehehe

    salam kenal 🙂

  15. Den Mas: hehehehe, salam kenal juga 🙂

  16. I am glad to hear that your new year resolution for 2012 is to again activate your blog. May be you have forgotten me, the guy searching for news of Retno Susanti and Chossy Pratama –Tersanjung.

    The last email I received from you was that you are doing your S3. You are not in Indonesia. Where are you now?

    Happy new year.


    1. Hi Andi,

      I do remember you. I’ve got your email and the song. I did reply your email didn’t I?

      Thanks a lot for that. Been so busy recently. I am doing a research for my master thesis. Btw, I’m in Perth now, doing my S2 (not S3 :)).

      Thanks for keeping in touch. I’m wishing a great year for you too.


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