Kid’s Stories Project: Visiting the Queen

img_4135Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi

Editor: Hayu Hamemayu

One fine morning, Milla and Mayana played football in their backyard. They loved playing football. When they were playing, they saw a letter falling in the ground. They picked it up and went inside the house. They told their mom and dad about it. Their parents opened the letter and read it for a minute. Milla and Mayana were so curious so they asked: “Who is the letter from?”. Her dad said: “It’s from the Queen!” Milla and Mayana were so surprised. They were so happy to know that they’d been invited to visit the queen in her castle. The next morning they put their luggages in the car and went to the airport.


In the airport they were waiting in the waiting room until it was time for boarding. Milla and Mayana went inside the plane. They were super excited to meet the queen. In the plane, they ate lunch. Milla had sausage with rice and Mayana had egg with fried rice. After had her lunch finished, Milla asked her mom: “Where are we going to meet the Queen?” Her mom said: “In Paris”.

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Kid’s Stories Project: Milla and Mayana had a Ballet Class

Story and Illustration by: Hayya Habibi

Once upon a time, Milla woke up from bed. She ate breakfast and woke Mayana up. She told her that she was going to have a ballet class that day. Mayana wanted to join too so Milla allowed her and took Mayana with her. They two got ready then went to the ballet school. On their way to school, Mayana asked Milla: “What’s the name of the school?”

Milla said: “Skölan”

After half an hour they arrived at the school and went inside. Milla showed Mayana where the class was. They went inside the class but the teacher wasn’t there. Milla’s friend, Naia, said that the teacher was late so all the children waited for her.Few minutes later the teacher came so the children prepared to dance. Mayana was so happy to learn ballet. They all danced happily until they didn’t realised that it was time to get home. Milla and Mayana tidied their stuffs up quickly and went home together. 

Kid’s Stories Project: Let’s Travel!

Story by Hayya Habibi and Hayu Hamemayu. Illustration by Hayya Habibi.

One morning, Milla and Mayana woke up from bed. It was already the summer so Milla and Mayana had a summer break. Their mom and dad decided to have a holiday in Italy. Milla and Mayana were so excited about it. So, Milla and Mayana packed their stuffs, put them in their luggages and got ready to go to Italy. Then, they went to the airport by car. At the airport, they waited for the plane to come. Then, it was time for boarding so Milla and Mayana went inside with ther mom and dad.

In the plane, Mayana asked Milla: “How many hour will it take?”

To which Milla answered: “Around 2 hours”

Soon it was already 2 hours so they had arrived in Italy. It was already evening when they landed so they ate dinner in the hotel and they slept.

On the next day they ate pizza for breakfast and then they went to the museum. After visiting the museum they went for little shopping and went back to the hotel. They went to their room, took all their luggages, went to the airport and went back to Sweden!

The End.

Tentang Pulang dan Lebaran

Bagi banyak orang, terutama di Indonesia, Lebaran adalah tentang pulang ke kampung halaman. Saat di mana seluruh keluarga berkumpul dan larut dalam hiruk pikuk kebahagiaan usai menuntaskan (setidaknya) 29 hari puasa Ramadan. Lebaran, pulang, rumah dan keluarga, adalah kata-kata yang tidak bisa dipisahkan satu sama lain. Saling berkelindan. Saling menyempurnakan.

Sayangnya, Lebaran tahun ini adalah kali ketiga saya tidak pulang. Biasanya, saya, suami dan anak kami merayakan Lebaran di rumah orang tua saya, atau di rumah orang tua suami saya, secara bergantian. Tapi tahun ini, karena kami sedang ngangsu kawruh di belahan bumi utara, maka Lebaran kami rayakan bertiga saja, dan dengan beberapa teman-teman di sini. Meski demikian saya bersyukur, karena tahun ini setidaknya kami bisa merayakan Lebaran secara bersama-sama. Tidak seperti tahun lalu ketika saya dan anak merayakan Lebaran di Indonesia, sementara suami sendirian menjalani Idul Fitri di Swedia. Bagaimanapun, rumah bagi kami adalah ketika kami utuh bersama sebagai keluarga. Home is wherever we are together. 

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Kid’s Stories Project: The Toothless Naia


Story by Hayu Hamemayu and Hayya Habibi

Illustration by Hayya Habibi

Long long time ago, there was a little girl named Naia. She lived in a bamboo village near forest with her momma. Among all things in this world, Naia loved sweets. She ate a lot of candies, chocolates and marshmallows. But, Naia hated brushing her teeth. Her momma kept telling her that it is important to brush her teeth at least twice a day, but Naia didn’t listen.

Every time her momma tried to brush her teeth, Naia always ran away or hid in the forest near her house. Her momma tried to catch her but Naia was so quick she was barely able to keep up.

At night, Naia would go to her room quietly and pretended that she had fell asleep when her momma called her and asked her to brush her teeth. Naia did anything not to brush her teeth.

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Kid’s Stories Project: The Day The Crayons Get Sad

Picture is retrieved from Goodreads

My kid’s been really into Drew Daywalt’s The Day The Crayons Quit, a funny and intriguing book about crayons that don’t want to color anymore. It was started around two months ago when she and her friends at school acted out a play based on the story (she was the white crayon by the way 🙂 ). Since then, she couldn’t stop watching the video and re-reading the book. Last week, she came up with an adaptation story of the original one. It’s a kind of fan fiction. I must say, of course, that the idea and the intellectual copyright belong to Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers (as the illustrator). My kid is just writing her version of the story. The book itself is really recommended for young readers. Find more about the book here, and here or watch the video here.

So, here is my daughter’s version.

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Kid’s Stories Project: The Old Tree

Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi

Once upon a time there was one child that loved to go to the rainforest. And one day he saw two big old trees. The big old trees had lots and lots of animals living on them so the little boy went home and told his mom and dad about them.

But when he went back the other day, he didn’t see one of the old trees so he asked everybody, but nobody cut down the tree so he went back to the forest and asked the animals.

One of the animals knew who cut down the tree so the animal pointed to the man and told him that the man was going to cut down the other old tree. The little boy told the man not to cut down the tree because it’s the home for so many animals. If he cut it, the animals would be sad. So the man left his saw next to the old tree and went home.

The end

PS: My daughter said it’s a story about responsibility and taking action in regards to environment.