Milla and Mayana Series: Spanish or English?

Author: Hayya Habibi Once upon a day, Milla and Mayana were playing outside their house. Suddenly their Dad ran right out the door with a paper in his hand. He shouted: “Girls, there’s a new exhibition in Central Museum!” “What’s so special about that?” asked Milla skeptically. “It’s the story that’s special,” explained Mom. “But…

Milla and Mayana Series: The New Girl at School

Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi Editor: Hayu Hamemayu Milla and Mayana were playing outside before school when few minutes later their parents said: “C’mon girls, we got to go.” It was time for school so they ran to the car and went to school. When they arrived at school, it was still early so…

The Hungry Cat

Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi A mouse ate a cheese. The mouse went outside. A cat was hungry. The cat saw the mouse. The mouse was scared The mouse ran away. The cat chased the mouse. The cat bumped into a chair. The mouse was gone. The mouse was safe. The cat was angry….

Kid’s Stories Project: Milla and Mayana in an Island

Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi Edited by Hayu Hamemayu One day, Milla and Mayana had a picnic near a jungle. Mayana wanted to play but Milla was feeling too hot so she laid down in the carpet and slept. Suddenly, Milla and her family were at an island. There was a note with a…

The Bird on Her Shoulder

A poem by Hayya Habibi This girl lives near a jungle, This day, the girl went to the jungle, There was lots of animal in the jungle, One of her favorite animals was the bird on her shoulder.   Rumah Liliput Cemprut, September 4, 2017