The writing that helped Hayu re-find herself*


The move to Sweden became a major transition for Hayu Rahmitasari. In order not to feel idle, she took up writing. Now she has released her first novel – which may be adapted into series.

December 2016, Hayu Rahmitasari moved from Yogyakarta, Indonesia with her then six-year-old daughter. Her husband, Zaki, had received a doctoral position in Lund and they first thought of a long-distance marriage. But after eight months, the distance became too large so she resigned from her job as lecturer at the university in her hometown and moved afterward.

The couple are both media and communication scholars and in fact they were also “competitors” for a while.

“We applied for the same doctoral position, but at that time we did not understand that it was only one position available in Lund. He was the one who was eventually hired.”

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Moving to Lund Evokes the Passion to Write*


Hayu Rahmitasari writes about life in Lund for a website called The Newbie Guide to Sweden. Recently, she published her first novel in Indonesia.

I always try to see the golden edge.

Hayu Rahmitasari left a good job in Indonesia to start a new life in Lund. The move was  a challenge but at the same time it opened the opportunity to write about life in Sweden and also fiction. Recently, she released her first novel published by an Indonesian publisher.

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The First Anniversary (of Living in Sweden)

Today marks one year since me and my daughter moved to Sweden. Yes, we arrived exactly on this date a year ago. So, happy first anniversary! Haha. I know it’s not really something to celebrate but we’re glad we had quite a wonderful first year (and are excited for the following ones).

I can hardly believe that it has been a year. I mean, the day when we arrived at Lund Central station still feels like yesterday. But I also notice that lately, things begin to change. I’m no longer feel like a new kid on the block. I’m not getting anxious or thinking that people are looking at me anymore. I start to feel that I really belong here, even if I still don’t speak Swedish (and certainly don’t look like a Swede. Haha).

Looking back on the past 365 days, here are the things that we have “accomplished” so far:

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Cara Lain Merepresentasikan Indonesia

Hari Jumat kemarin (1/12), sekolah anak saya, Lund International School (LIS) mengadakan Winter Fair, acara sosial tahunan untuk menyambut musim dingin, di mana pihak sekolah dan keluarga saling berkumpul untuk mengenal satu sama lain sekaligus mengumpulkan dana untuk keperluan siswa (fundraising). Event ini juga merupakan momen untuk memamerkan karya-karya siswa, pasar murah, pertunjukan seni dan tak ketinggalan pojok internasional (international corner). Yang saya sebut terakhir merupakan kesempatan bagi semua orang untuk mengenal negara-negara asal siswa yang bersekolah di LIS sekaligus sebagai medium pembelajaran bagi para siswa sendiri.

Awalnya, saya tak berminat mendaftarkan diri untuk membuat Indonesian Corner karena beberapa alasan. Pertama, saya tak membawa banyak barang dari Indonesia untuk dipamerkan (saya bahkan tidak punya bendera Indonesia di sini :D). Kedua, saya tak bisa menari daerah atau memiliki baju daerah sehingga saya tak mungkin unjuk kebolehan di panggung (duh, bahasanya 😀 ). Ketiga, anak saya adalah satu-satunya orang Indonesia di sekolahnya sehingga praktis saya tidak punya rekan yang bisa diajak berkolaborasi untuk merepresentasikan Indonesia di acara Winter Fair tersebut. Membayangkan mengurus semuanya sendirian sudah membuat saya keder duluan. Saya pun berencana untuk membuat makanan Indonesia saja lalu menjualnya sebagai bagian dari usaha penggalangan dana.

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