What’s Not to Like in Paris?

The everyone knows Eiffel Tower

When Zaki listed Paris as one of this year summer’s trip destinations, I was bit reluctant. Not because I don’t like Paris, (of course I like it! Visiting Shakespeare and Co had been in my bucket list since the first time I watched Before Sunset in fact) but I was worried because what Paris is known for: smelly metro, pickpocket, scammers, pricey stuffs and racism (especially after several terror attacks that happened in Europe lately 😥 ).

But he convinced me that we got to visit Paris anyway. Sooner or later. One day or another. It’s Paris after all. One of the most visited cities in the world. Rich of history, art and culture. The place where many important thinkers (and their important thoughts) were born. So, how can I say no?

Paris then became our destination after Venice. And because we had quite a drama (read more about it here) in Venice, we decided to slow things down a little bit in Paris. Besides, after spending time (and money!) in Milan and Venice, we needed to rearrange our budget as everything in Paris is not that cheap (the confession of budget travelers 😀 ). Continue reading “What’s Not to Like in Paris?”

5 things Lund and Jogja have in common

From the moment I arrived in Lund, Sweden, I always feel that this southern Swedish city shares so many similarities with Jogja, my hometown, even though these cities are located at different sides of the world. Jogja and Lund are separated thousand miles away. So, how can I say that the two cities have some things in common? Well, here are the resemblances I found so far:

  1. Student City

Both Lund and Jogja are student city where universities play central role of their rhythm. Lund is the home for one of the oldest (and greatest) universities in Sweden: Lund University. Meanwhile, Jogja is famous for its numerous and reputable universities, schools and colleges. The oldest Indonesian state university (Universitas Gadjah Mada) and also the private one (Universitas Islam Indonesia) are both located in Jogja. No wonder these cities are always bustling with students and somehow always related to the universities. In Lund, for example, most residents have correlation with Lund University either as student, employee, alumni, or any other relationship. Even the Swedish singer and presenter Måns Zelmerlöw, who won the Eurovision Song contest in 2015 and was born in Lund, is the son of a Professor at Lund University. Campus life is definitely the thing that can’t be separated from Jogja and Lund. And it influences many things in the cities: the beat, the culture and even the living cost. Just like Jogja which is way cheaper than Jakarta, the living cost in Lund is also lower than Stockholm (though it’s still bit high for my budget 😀 ) Continue reading “5 things Lund and Jogja have in common”