Milla and Mayana Series: Spanish or English?

Author: Hayya Habibi


Once upon a day, Milla and Mayana were playing outside their house. Suddenly their Dad ran right out the door with a paper in his hand. He shouted: “Girls, there’s a new exhibition in Central Museum!”

“What’s so special about that?” asked Milla skeptically.

“It’s the story that’s special,” explained Mom.

“But why?” Mayana wondered.

“Well, if you want to know why it’s so special, you have to go to the exhibition,” said Mom and Dad both at the same time.

Soon they all hopped in the car and drove to Central Museum. Once they’ve arrived at the museum, they rushed to the ticket counter to buy some tickets.

“Four tickets please,” said Dad to the ticket officer.

“How many adults and how many children?” asked the ticket officer.

“Two children and two adults,” answered Milla.

“Alright then, you can come in. This woman will guide you to the exhibitions,” said the ticket officer.

So they went it.

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The Robber that Took a Penguin From the Zoo

Story by Hayya Habibi

Milla and Mayana were at school. They were going to have a school field trip to the zoo. They went to the zoo with the school bus. In the zoo they saw lions, tigers, fishes, elephants, and many more.

When they were watching the penguins show, Milla and Mayana saw a robber that took one of the penguins. So they ran and chased the robber. Suddenly, the robber went to a jungle and to a dead end. Mayana was blocking the way back and Milla throw a stone on the robber’s head. Then the robber said:
“Okay, I will give you back the penguin,”
“Good,” said the girls at the same time.

So they brought the penguin and gave it to a man that was working in the zoo. Soon the penguin was safe.

The End

Milla and Mayana Series: The New Girl at School

img_7846Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi

Editor: Hayu Hamemayu

Milla and Mayana were playing outside before school when few minutes later their parents said:

“C’mon girls, we got to go.”

It was time for school so they ran to the car and went to school.

When they arrived at school, it was still early so they had time to play before the line up. Milla and Mayana saw a new girl so they asked: “What’s your name?”

The new girl answered: “Alua”.

Then they all played together.

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The Hungry Cat


Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi

A mouse ate a cheese.

The mouse went outside.

A cat was hungry.

The cat saw the mouse.

The mouse was scared

The mouse ran away.

The cat chased the mouse.

The cat bumped into a chair.

The mouse was gone.

The mouse was safe.

The cat was angry.

The cat was hungry.


The End


Kid’s Stories Project: Milla and Mayana in an Island

Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi

Edited by Hayu Hamemayu

One day, Milla and Mayana had a picnic near a jungle. Mayana wanted to play but Milla was feeling too hot so she laid down in the carpet and slept.

Suddenly, Milla and her family were at an island. There was a note with a big X on it falling from the sky.

They read it and it was a treasure map! They tried to find the treasure by following the map to the X sign. Not long after that they found the X sign and dug the treasure. They were so happy and brought the treasure with them.

Then, they realized that they didn’t come by boat so they couldn’t leave the island. They thought and thought to find a solution. They walked around the island and suddenly Milla saw a tiny boat. They all jumped to the boat but it was too heavy they were barely able to stir. They tried so hard and the boat moved a little but there were some sharks following their boat. They all screamed and Milla realized that she’s not in the boat anymore. She was back on the carpet where she laid down. “Oh, I just had the strangest dream ever!” she said.

The end!

Kid’s Stories Project: Visiting the Queen

img_4135Story and Illustration by Hayya Habibi

Editor: Hayu Hamemayu

One fine morning, Milla and Mayana played football in their backyard. They loved playing football. When they were playing, they saw a letter falling in the ground. They picked it up and went inside the house. They told their mom and dad about it. Their parents opened the letter and read it for a minute. Milla and Mayana were so curious so they asked: “Who is the letter from?”. Her dad said: “It’s from the Queen!” Milla and Mayana were so surprised. They were so happy to know that they’d been invited to visit the queen in her castle. The next morning they put their luggages in the car and went to the airport.


In the airport they were waiting in the waiting room until it was time for boarding. Milla and Mayana went inside the plane. They were super excited to meet the queen. In the plane, they ate lunch. Milla had sausage with rice and Mayana had egg with fried rice. After had her lunch finished, Milla asked her mom: “Where are we going to meet the Queen?” Her mom said: “In Paris”.

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