Better When I’m Writing

Zaki asked me the other day, what things I am still passionate about lately. I gave him three answers, and among those, the first and most definite one was writing. Later I realised that writing is actually the only thing I consistently do since I was still in the elementary school. Though I must admit, I never had any chance to work on it properly.

Part of it was because it seemed like being a writer was less prestigious than being a doctor, or a teacher, or an astronaut, or an architect, or any other profession in this world. And it was just so hard to keep your passion when everyone around you didn’t take it really seriously. In my case, I found it was hard for me not to be tempted with the idea of being “somebody”. And the general definition of “somebody” in Indonesia is anything but freelance, including writing. Most people will consider it as merely a hobby.

I got some people who supported my passion, in different ways, though. My dad used to take me to his school library so I spent most of my childhood drowning into books and that’s how book became one of my obsessions (there’s a story about it here). My mom gave me a diary so I had something to write on. And there was a teacher in my junior high school who once asked me to join a writing competition. I didn’t join the competition at the end (because I wasn’t sure what to write and bit lazy, to be honest) but he was one of the few people who made me feel that I can write. Somehow. Someday. Continue reading “Better When I’m Writing”

Why was I with Sweden last night? A note from an Azzuri fan

Heja Sverige!

Had been known as the loyal fan of Gli Azzuri since the first day I understood football, I received some comments from my friends and family regarding last night qualification result (in case you missed it, Italy didn’t make it to the 2018 World Cup in Russia. And guess who beat them? Sweden. Yes. Sweden. Surprising, huh?), and the fact that I was in Sweden’s side this time. Some of them argued that it is simply because I am now living under the Sweden’s sky, so it’s just make sense for me to support their national team. Maybe they’re right. It’s one of the possible theories. But actually, that’s not the only reason why I support #hejaSverige last night. My loyalty is not that “cheap”, you know? 😀

In fact, my decision to go with Sweden in the 2018 World Cup is an accumulation of a long contemplative road. Ahem. The road of my love over football in general and the Italian team in particular.

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Senandung Musim Gugur

Jauh sebelum saya mengunjungi negara empat musim, musim gugur sudah menjadi musim favorit saya. Meski lahir dan besar di negara dua musim yang hanya mengenal hujan dan kemarau, entah mengapa saya merasa terhubung dengan memori musim gugur yang saya baca di majalah-majalah, saya lihat di televisi atau saya bayangkan dari puisi-puisi. Mungkin karena karakter dasar saya yang (sok) romantis dan melankolis. Sehingga daun-daun jatuh saya anggap sebagai momen magis yang menghanyutkan.

Jangankan musim gugur di belahan bumi selatan atau utara, “musim gugur” di kampung halaman saya, yang ditandai dengan daun-daun pohon Akasia yang berguguran, atau pohon Jati yang meranggas, sudah cukup membuat saya duduk melamun lama menikmati setiap detilnya.

Musim gugur di kampung halaman

Ah, saya ini memang sentimentil. Gemar berkubang dalam romantisme yang saya buat-buat sendiri.

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The Colors of Autumn


The leaves turned red on those days of October

When fall was here and winter was near

Could you taste the sweetness in the air?

The taste of a life free from despair?


I pictured us walking hand in hand

Along the way where everywhere was a yellow lane

I remembered how I would have waited for you

On that old wet bench in Lundagård around 1 pm or two


Our love grew strong despite the wind

Flourishing like mushrooms under the autumn rain

I became gold, you were getting brown

To the colors of heaven we were all belong.


Lund, 2017/10/23

Daftar Wajib Kunjung Perth

Mengaku meninggalkan sebelah hatinya di kota paling terisolasi di dunia: Perth, saya baru sadar bahwa saya justru sangat jarang menulis apapun (kecuali ini) tentang Perth. Keinginan untuk menulis ini mendadak muncul setelah beberapa kawan meminta rekomendasi tempat-tempat menarik di Perth karena akan mengunjunginya dalam waktu dekat (dan membuat saya iri berat!). Jadi, keirian itu saya salurkan dengan membuat daftar ini saja. Jauh lebih sehat daripada nggrundel dan merutuk diri, kan? Siapa tahu dengan begitu, saya pun akan kembali mengunjungi Perth suatu hari nanti (kabulkan doa hamba ya Allah) 🙏🏼🤠

Oh ya, sekedar disclaimer, daftar ini saya buat berdasarkan pengalaman saya tinggal di sana pada 2011-2013, jadi mungkin beberapa data sudah kadaluarsa. Tapi tenang saja, beberapa info hasil bertanya pada mbah google sudah saya tambahkan. So, here is the list: Continue reading “Daftar Wajib Kunjung Perth”