A Week in Lisbon, Portugal

To be honest, Lisbon had never been on my bucket list. It never crossed my mind to visit this capital city of Portugal before. I mean, I don’t have any special memory or obsession with the city (unlike what I have with Milan, Venice or Amsterdam 😄 ). So when Zaki told me that he’s…

Oslo at a Glance: Things You Might Want to Know about Oslo

Last Tuesday, we went to Oslo and spent two nights in the capital city of Norway. The idea was to have a workcation: half work, half vacation, as both me and Zaki had deadlines approaching really soon that time. We’d never been to Oslo before and we heard that the city is worth a visit….

“Are We There Yet?” Di Balik Perjalanan Seorang Traveler Mommy

Sebagai seorang traveler mommy, saya sudah mengajak anak saya traveling sejak ia masih di dalam kandungan. Mulai dari mengunjungi pernikahan ke Pekalongan, menjajal hidup sendiri di rimba raya Jakarta, hingga snorkeling di Karimun Jawa, semua pernah saya lakukan dalam rentang 9 bulan masa kehamilan. Saya beruntung, semua momen-momen itu berlalu dengan baik tanpa drama yang berarti….

Going Mainstream in the Netherlands

For most Indonesian, visiting the Netherlands is like an obligation. It’s in everyone’s list. And I’m no exception. Even when I started to think about pursuing masters degree overseas, the universities in the Netherlands were always be my priorities. I have no particular reason actually. I just want to go to the country that shares…

What’s Not to Like in Paris?

When Zaki listed Paris as one of this year summer’s trip destinations, I was bit reluctant. Not because I don’t like Paris, (of course I like it! Visiting Shakespeare and Co had been in my bucket list since the first time I watched Before Sunset in fact) but I was worried because what Paris is known…