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Welcome to my site where I’m investing in writing. Feel free to click around and if you find something interesting to read, happy reading!

  • Another Day

    Wake up every morning, As the world revealing, Unfiltered. … News after news, Slide in, Sad stories, Unfolding. … A name you know, A face you recognize, A number you can’t keep up. … As early as 6 am, You already grapple with reality, You gasp for ease, Your brain demands sanity. … But there’s… Read more

  • 2020 in Review

    It’s not easy to sum up 2020 in one post. The year of 2020 was quite something for every single person in this world. It was the time when everything was put in pause and everyone lived in uncertainty. It was the year of resilience, of forgiving, of making peace with the prolonged, unbearable situation.… Read more

  • A News from Duluth

    Last month, I was contacted by Sarah Brown, a student from University of Minnesota who asked me if I’d be interested in sharing my experience about writing in Sweden, especially writing for The Newbie Guide to Sweden. It was for her class project and as someone who was once a journalism student as well, I… Read more

  • Anak Komunikasi Belajar Sastra Kelas Pekerja

    Seperti yang sudah sering saya bilang, menulis adalah satu dari sedikit hal yang konsisten saya lakukan sejak kecil. Tapi sebenarnya, saya ini penulis otodidak, tak pernah punya latar belakang sastra, bahkan tak pernah ikut kegiatan atau pelatihan sastra semasa remaja hingga kuliah S2. Baru-baru ini saja saya punya waktu khusus juga keberadaan akses untuk terlibat… Read more

  • Cerita Preschool Baby K

    Sudah lama saya tidak menulis di laman ini. Belakangan, saya memang sedang disibukkan dengan beberapa hal baru. Salah satunya, mendampingi anak bungsu saya masuk sekolah. Yup, sejak seminggu terakhir, si kecil mulai masuk kelas pra sekolah alias förskola kalau dalam bahasa Swedia. Sebenarnya, di Swedia, setiap anak berhak masuk preschool sejak umur 1 tahun. Tapi… Read more

  • A Farewell Note*

    It was all started in one of those dark and gloomy days in November 2017. During a regular browse on the Internet, I came across this announcement in The Newbie Guide to Sweden website where they’re looking for a volunteer blogger. It was naturally interesting for me because writing was the thing I wanted to… Read more

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