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Welcome to my site where I’m investing in writing. Feel free to click around and if you find something interesting to read, happy reading!

  • Kelas Menulis 2 Jam Saja

    Perasaan Januari baru kemarin, tapi tahu-tahu sudah September saja. Dan saya baru sadar bahwa sudah lama saya tidak menulis di platform ini. Beberapa hal yang terjadi belakangan dan akhir tahun yang semakin dekat membuat saya merasa perlu untuk mengabarkan sesuatu di sini. Jadi ceritanya, setelah berbulan-bulan bergelut dengan penolakan dan ketidakpercayaan diri, kelas menulis yang… Read more

  • Bye 2021, Hello 2022

    If 2021 needed a tagline, in my opinion that would be “a year of Sprint that feels like a Marathon.” 2021 was the year of decision, of new opportunities and letting go. It was the year when we moved back to Indonesia after a long thought and consideration. It was not an easy decision as… Read more

  • Long Journey Home: Relocating in The Time of COVID-19 (Part 3)

    The decision to relocate in the time of pandemic is a big decision for so many reasons. To be honest, this was the most complicated and the most expensive trip to Indonesia we ever had. Particularly because we were obliged to do the so called quarantine. If things were different, I would rather do a… Read more

  • Long Journey Home: Relocating in The Time of COVID-19 (Part 2)

    After all the dramas that happened before our departure, we started our last day in Lund by having a quick breakfast in Lundia Hotel and doing the last checking. Around 10.45am we checked out from the hotel. The taxi that we booked had been waiting outside. We quickly loaded it with our luggages, and just… Read more

  • Long Journey Home: Relocating in The Time of COVID-19 (Part 1)

    Traveling in the time of COVID-19 is complicated, let alone relocating to another country. The challenge is double, if not triple, and it’s a long journey, both literally and metaphorically! But that’s exactly what we’d been through in the last few weeks as my family and I were moving from Lund, Sweden, to Jogja, Indonesia.… Read more

  • If only I could fit Sweden in my Luggages

    As much as I am aware that my time in Sweden is temporary, that the day when I leave the country is just a matter of time, it doesn’t make it easier for me to deal with it when the time eventually comes. My heart still aches But I only have myself to blame. Wherever… Read more

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