Long Journey Home: Relocating in The Time of COVID-19 (Part 3)

From the second day of quarantine onwards, we were busy with work and school, while the youngest just playing around and sleeping wherever she likes :D. Unlike some other hotel quarantine stories, we didn’t have any bad experience in terms of food . The hotel took care of our belly very well 😀 . Even in the first two days we were kind of over supply because the hotel provided too much foods. Later we decided to order 2 or 3 packages only even though we are a family of four so we didn’t waste the foods. There were also many variations in terms of menu. We could select Indonesian or Western menu, or even mixed. We could also order something extra like milk, ice cream or yoghurt because my little one is a big fan of yoghurt.

For the other services, we didn’t have any problem either. We used the laundry and dry cleaning service, and I even asked them to get a toothpaste for K because I accidentally left hers in the airport. In short, everyone in the hotel was really helpful.

During the quarantine, sometimes there were random checks from the COVID-19 task force, making sure that we complied with the protocol. On the 7th day, we took another PCR test. This test determined if we could leave the quarantine or moved to Government facility (if the results were positive). Luckily, the results were negative so we could leave the hotel and were returned to the community 😀

Again, if things were different, I would rather do a 14 days self quarantine rather than 8 days in a hotel. But staying in Novotel Tangerang for a quarantine was not a bad experience. If anything, it was one of the best decisions we didn’t regret during our long journey home.

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