Long Journey Home: Relocating in The Time of COVID-19 (Part 3)

A quarantine story

Novotel Tangerang is located very close to my parents in law’s house so it’s already on the top of the list from the very beginning. But it wasn’t until I talked to Maria, the front office manager about the room facilities that we finally decided, this is it.

Since we are a family of four, we prefer to have a not too small room. Fortunately, the suite room in Novotel Tangerang is quite big and it is designed to be like a studio apartment (minus the kitchen). They divide the main room into two: bed room and living room so we can manage to have the space for working or studying and for sleeping.

The quarantine package already included a pick up service from the airport. So once we finished all the process in the airport, we were led by the hotel representative to wait for the pick up. After an hour drive (the driver took the wrong exit so it took longer than it should to get to the hotel), we arrived at the hotel. The hotel took covid procedure seriously so we didn’t get off at the entrance. Instead, we went right away to the basement where we were welcomed by the COVID-19 task force and the hotel receptionist. They then led us to a room where we took on arrival PCR Test. While waiting for our turn, we also did the check in and the front officer explained to us all the procedure we need to follow during our quarantine. Once the test was taken, we went to the room and ordered dinner. I told Zaki not to open our luggages right away because we were still waiting for our test results. If they were positives, we would need to move to the Government facility for Covid patients so I thought it was better to wait.

The next morning the results came out and they were NEGATIVE! Yay!

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