Long Journey Home: Relocating in The Time of COVID-19 (Part 2)

Welcome to Indonesia

On Monday afternoon, we finally arrived in the capital of Indonesia. There were step by step that we needed to follow as part of the new protocol. First and foremost, we needed to be always in a group with only the passengers from the same flight. The COVID-19 Satgas (Task Force) will guide you to the assigned location where you need to fill the health declaration form. At this point, they usually check your temperature and ask your general health condition. But it can be just a self assessment as well. Once you’ve finished this procedure you show the completed form to the Satgas, show your e-HAC certificate, and then proceed to another check.

In the next counter, you will be asked to show your vaccine certificate (if you have one already), the COVID-19 PCR negative test certificate, and the health declaration form. The officer will then give you a stamp on your health declaration form if every requirement is met.

From here, you go to the immigration counter, then baggage collection, and then there would be another COVID-19 task force who asks if you have want to do the 8 days mandatory quarantine in a hotel or in the government facilities (Wisma Atlet). The lane would be different but both would lead you to the custom declaration. If they give you green light, you will then arrive in the hall to be picked up by the hotel service or Wisma Atlet service.

After that, it’s a matter of waiting time, and then, the quarantine begun.

-To be continued-

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