The Shades in the Water

As a writer, I’m more familiar (and convenient) with realistic fiction. But every once in a while, I think it’s a good idea to try something out of our comfort zone. So here is my first shot at Fantasy writing. Do laugh at me and at my ridiculous attempt, because when you laugh, that means you read it. And that’s all that matters 🙂 .

The Shades in the Water

The night was thick when I looked at the still waters in front of me. And soon, I was drowning into the train of thoughts. Of how she used to give me that particular look whenever we visited this lake between two hills. Of how her eyes would set on the deep still waters but her mind was somewhere else as she’s never a woman of the present. I still remembered those days like they were yesterday, every single detail of them. I’d tell you the reasons why. But first, call me Oddenicus, the son of The Shades.

We, the Shades, have lived in this world as long as humans have but they barely know us. Well, actually, they thought they knew, as they like to call us “shadow”. But they do not know that we’re not their inseparable companions, the shape produced by their body coming between rays of light and a surface. That’s what written in their dictionary but it’s merely a cover-up. We attach to humans only to wait for our time to enter to the other side of the world. But please, never call us parasite. We do not take benefit at human’s expense. We are more like hitchhikers, only the ones they are not aware of.

I am not the only Oddenicus of The Shades. There are many of us. When we were born, we cannot choose to be Oddenicus or Evenity. It’s not an option, it’s something assigned. And we don’t bear any other name. Only these two. Unlike human, we don’t have the concept of age. We don’t get old. We don’t die. We just move from one world to another.

Our job in this side of human world, which we call “Abscissus”, is to find our opposite. In my case that would be Evenity. And when I found my Evenity, we would then be able to cross to the other side together, to “The Ordinant”, where our real life as The Shades begins. How would one know if they had found their opposite? You probably wondered. I asked the same question honestly. A fellow Oddenicus once said it’s a matter of click. “When you know, you know,” he claimed. I was escorting him to the gate of The Ordinant when he said that. Right before he entered the gate he added, “Look, mate. You don’t need to ask such a question, just feel it.” It sounded make sense that time, but once the gate closed, I was left wondering again.

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