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The Newbie Guide to Sweden is a completely online source where those new to Sweden can learn practical details about the language, customs, and culture. It offers blogs in English and Arabic. Their team of multinational bloggers write about adapting to the Swedish job market, Swedish cuisine, getting through the winter, and more. This news source is quite unconventional, and can be labeled community media, according to Romano. The Newbie Guide to Sweden serves a small group of people who are tied together by living in a country they are not from. The blog-style journalism is just one of the methods information is shared throughout the community, which may cause it to be overlooked as a provider of legitimate news.

Sites for expats exist in different capacities for virtually every country. Some, like The Newbie Guide to Sweden, offer information and support through a primary website and social media groups. Others focus more on providing event information and exchanging brief tips over forums. Not every site exists in a journalistic capacity, using stories to share information or hiring bloggers to write about their personal experiences. There is one key difference that distinguishes The Newbie Guide to Sweden from other online expat resources. That is it’s personal, informal stories of foreigners enjoying Swedish tacos, doing synchronized swimming, and enjoying fika. This loosely informational, friendly style of journalism tells the reader that they too can easily fit into Swedish culture. Many news sources for expats focus on connecting them with each other, rather than creating a narrative that they belong in the new cultural setting.

Sweden ranks fourth on the World Press Freedoms Index, just behind its Scandinavian and Nordic neighbors. It established the first press freedom law in the world, in 1776, and journalists in Sweden today still enjoy the freedom to write about relatively any topic they choose, according to the World Press Freedoms Index. Perhaps this is why The Newbie Guide to Sweden can create a blog where contributors can openly discuss and share their experiences.

Hamemayu did not feel there were topics that cannot be written about in Sweden. “You are free to write what you want to write but personally I think common sense is a must when you’re writing, regardless of where you are,” Hamemayu said.


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