Autumn Best Spots in Lund*


As the heart of the city, Lundagård is where many old buildings in Lund are located, such as Kunghuset, Palaestra et Odeum, AF-borgen or Akademiska Föreningens, to name a few. During autumn, these buildings and the trees in the park are dressed in autumn colours, which really give the area a character.

The majestic king’s house. Photo by Hayu Hamemayu

Norra Kyrkogården

This is probably an unusual place to take pictures, as Norra Kyrkogården is actually the biggest cemetery in Lund. Located at the opposite of Lund’s University Hospital, Norra Kyrkogården is claimed as a lung in the city due to its 25 hectares total green space. Therefore, this place is really pretty during autumn. If you’re not too afraid to stroll in between tombs, you should visit this place.

Journey to the yellow forest. Photo by Hayu Hamemayu

Lund’s Stadsparken

As a park that was inaugurated more than 100 years ago, Lund’s city park is still a favourite for many Lundensians, including me. It’s an important green space for young and old: to relax, to play, to exercise, to party and even to preserve tradition. With its rich vegetation, this park is one of the best places to enjoy autumn colours in Lund.

There are, of course, many other places to get a lovely autumn pictures in Lund. Basically, any park and building with vines would turn into scenic spots during this season. But, if you don’t know where to start your autumn stroll this year, the places I mentioned above are definitely worth visiting. And this is my impression of autumn in Lund in a poem, which I wrote two years ago:

The leaves turned red,
On those days of October,
When fall was here and,
Winter was near

Could you taste,
The sweetness in the air?
The taste of life,
Free from despair?

I pictured us,
Walking hand in hand
Along the way,
Where everywhere was a yellow lane

I remembered,
How I would have waited for you,
On that old wet bench in Lundagård,
Around 1 pm or two

Our love grew strong,
Despite the wind,
Flourishing like mushrooms,
Under the autumn rain

I became gold,
You were getting brown
To the colours of heaven,
We did all belong

*Originally published for The Newbie Guide to Sweden on September 25, 2020

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Hayu Hamemayu

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